Laminate vs. Engineered Hardwood?

wittybettyAugust 27, 2012

Hi folks. First post here, and I need help trying to decide between laminate and engineered hardwood.

I'm building a semi-custom tract home in a nice, middle-class, but not high end, neighborhood. The main floor of the house is about 780 sq. feet and is one great big space for kitchen, dining and living room. I love how open it is, but I really think to make the space cohesive and seem larger, it needs one type of flooring with artfully placed area rugs. I live in a dry climate where it's quite hot in the summer and very cold in the winter.

When I went to my "browse appointment" at my builder's design center, I discovered that their pricing for "hardwood" was really just engineered wood until some super high grade of the hardwood pricing that I cannot afford.

I've read many many threads on why folks like or dislike laminate etc. I lean toward the engineered hardwood--so long as it will give off the cozy, warm vibe of wood that I enjoyed in a house I used to have with solid hardwood.

In just my quick browse, I noticed that I didn't like anything, generally, in laminate below my builder's "Grade 5" pricing, which is roughly the same as my builder's Grade 2 engineered hardwood. So I'm trying to decide which I should go with. It's just me and one kiddo--no animals. I'm trying to create a snug sanctuary for me and the kiddo to slow down from our overly busy lives outside the house. So the "feel" of a place is important to me. I intend to keep this house at least until kiddo goes to college (9 or so years). I am considering resale in all of my decisions, naturally, but I really need this house to be a place for us--not a place for some distant future potential purchaser.

Also--random--I'm turning the extra bedroom upstairs into a mini-sewing studio for me. I despise having a sewing room on carpet (ask me how many needs and pins you find in the most painful way possible!). So I was thinking of having whatever I install downstairs in just that one room upstairs with carpet in the hall and bedrooms and tile in the bathrooms upstairs. Thoughts? Will that be too strange for resale?

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my cousin recently built a house. This is one area where it made sense to not pay the builder upcharge. They had the builder put in the cheapest carpet available, and then hired their own contractor to rip it out and put in hardwood flooring before they moved in. More choices, and cheaper. I think the builder even bought the carpet back from them.

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