New American Standard - Weird Odor!

dinomJanuary 10, 2010


Just just had a new master bedroom addition added above two car garage. Had American Standard 80% single stage unit installed in attic. Since this was installed in September 09 have had subtle smell of burnt rubber/skunk coming from registers. Some days worse that others and my wife and I believe we smelled it even when we were using air conditioning back in September.

I finally got the HVAC contractor out a few weeks ago and sure enough when he visited he was able to smell it too and it was strong in the blower compartment and when the warm air first comes out of the registers (need to get on ladder and get nose right up there). The did some amp testing and everthing looked normal, but said it must be the blower so that ordered a new one under warranty.

So they replaced the blower 4 days ago and all was well for a couple of days, but now the smell is back. Again, it's subtle most of the time but is worse in the walk-in closets, presumably because there isn't a return in those rooms.

So I'm going to call the HVAC sub on Monday to let then know, but I'm hoping to get some input from other industry experts. What else could it be? The transformer? Control board? I assume the starter capacitor was replaced with the blower, since it attaches to the side, but I'm not sure.

What could cause a burnt rubber smell (smells like a worn out belt on a vacuum cleaner).



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Just looked at the service invoice, and he wrote that he replaced the capacitor too. So that's new.

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difficult to solve long distance. If smell is continuous and dominating, then source should easily be located. when reading anecdotal stories like yours, I always want to rule out evap coil. sorry for your trouble. obviously switching out a blower was just a guess and changing out a part, not solving the problem.


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When you say "I always want to rule out evaporator coil", what could be wrong with it? Leaking?

Also, the smell isn't continuous and not always very dominating, that's what makes it difficult to solve I guess.

The HVAC guy admitted that changing out the blower was a "best guess".

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do a google search on dirty sock syndrome. may or may not be applicable to your issue.........

source of smell has to be determined, then remediation.

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Thanks. Looked up "dirty sock syndrome" and don't believe it relates to my issue. The smell we have is definately a burning rubber smell, not a mildew type smell. Something is getting hot and giving off this smell.

Thanks again. Anyone else have ideas?

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