Getting signs

loagiehoagieDecember 16, 2006

Hi all, many of you know I lost my mom in January 2006 after fighting a year-long battle of heart trouble. I am still having a rough time. My mom and I were so much alike and I still break down most every day. I just can't believe she is gone....

Anyway..she is sending me signs..and that makes me feel quite a bit better. I won't go into all of them..just the most recent.

The other morning I was awake, about 830am ...but just lying in bed...then the most wonderful fruity fragrance filled the was so a perfume in it's strength..but more natural like a field of fresh flowers...I swear it seemed like I could reach my fist up and squeeze fresh berry juice or something right out of the air! That lasted about a minute...maybe two minutes...then that was followed by a slight whiffy scent of fresh cinnamon...very strange indeed!

I hope it has something to do with what she is doing on the 'other side'. It does make me feel that she is contacting me in her way....but I still miss her terribly!


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Signs are the most comforting thing I can think of. Those of us who experience them are fortunate indeed. Thanks for sharing, Duane.


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Very nice, very comforting.

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Thanks guys. This time of year is hard, but really no harder than every other single day. Why is it to keep my mom's memory alive and relive different things seems so important because I don't want her to fade into time like some other relatives have done in my mind...and yet to do that keeps the grief so fresh I feel like bursting at the seams in sorrow....

Had another interesting thing happen on Thanksgiving at my dad's house (and my mom's house)..after dinner which we had at folding tables in the sister got a text message from a medium she knows (famous, but I won't name drop here) that said mom said 'nice glasses...and I liked the roses'. Well we were all drinking out of pepsi cans...and my mom always had to have a glass for her pop...every day..not just on I think she was being funny ....but the roses...we aren't sure about that.

About an hour later there was a loud tap=tap=tap on the basement window (glass block). What the heck...I raced find no one outside. I know that was my mom. I'm glad she is finding ways to contact us..and I sure hope she is happy in heaven.


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So wonderful to get signs! I'm happy for you!

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