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lulie___wayneDecember 20, 2005

I thought you all might enjoy this beautiful site.

I wish you all a very peaceful and blessed Christmas full of love, joy, and happiness.

With love,


Here is a link that might be useful:

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I decided to send you all the whole thing.

Wishing you and yours the merriest and most meaningful of Christmases. I have selected the following Christmas message for all my friends and loved ones which I hope you will take a moment to view. It is a wonderful reminder to us all, as one of my favorite lines from a 1968 song by Biff Rose states, "Feel the power within your own silence..............., there you'll find your savior."

We celebrate this birth, but it is meaningless unless we celebrate His teachings through example in our own lives. Just as there was no room for them in the Inn and He was born in a manger, there is no room in His teachings for being judgemental, for bigotry, for hate, for prejudice, for war, for killing, etc., etc. etc. His message is simple: "Peace and Goodwill To All ..... "

May you and everyone in the world experience this peace in the year to come.

(click here to view this message)

"A Silent Night" Movie - by Mary Robinson Reynolds

Here is a link that might be useful: A Silent Night

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Lu, I just now saw this post. I had to watch it and I book
marked it to watch again. It was beautiful. The snow,the sky, the lights I so love to see all that. I love to look
at the sky anytime, its just so peaceful. I guess I was
meant to see this post today. Thank You .

Seek the peace within the silent night. So true!

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