What Are You All Doing This Week?

lulie___wayneDecember 20, 2005

I know that everyone is busy, but I was just wondering how everyone is coping and what you are doing this week. Also, what are your plans for this coming Christmas weekend?

My husband and I have been busy with the usual shopping, wrapping, cooking, baking, getting with friends and family and decorating our church.

This weekend, although, we have my mom and our daughter not here with us, we plan to have our usual Christmas Eve party at our house with the rest of the family and then Christmas dinner with the family on Christmas Day.

I'm pretty much finished with all that needs to be done, so I'm focusing on all of the blessings that we have and trying to enjoy the season.

I'm hoping to make Christin and Mom beautiful wreaths for Christmas for their graves.


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Sounds like you're staying busy and constructive, Lulie! I cooked dinner Sunday for all our kids and grandkids. Felt the whole time that my Dad would have been so proud of me. He would have even loved my dressing! LOL

I have two close friends, one who lost her Dh to cancer/suicide on Nov. 10 and another who lost her DS to a car accident on Nov. 26. Another friend's DS is suffering with terminal brain cancer and has begun to have seizures, etc. I've held them all close in thought and prayer.

Seems like so many people have heartaches this time of year. Hugs to all of you!

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This week we are traveling to my daughters house and also is my other daughter, i'm sure they will make Chritmas very good for all of us. We put an arrangement of flowers at Darrly's grave and a whreath with 2 little angels with his son's names on them i know he would like that. So that's about it so have a wonderful and peaceful holiday everyone,and thank you for being her Darlene

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My son's widow, son and teenage stepdaughter are coming here with her parents and 6 close friends for lunch, then my younger son, his wife and baby are joining us in the afternoon after visiting her parents. We have to make it as good a day as possible for my little grandson who is still hoping that Santa will bring his Daddy back. He keeps asking us "Is my Daddy really never coming home?" and we cuddle him and tell him that we all wish he could but it is not possible and that his Dad would want him to be happy and grow up big and strong and that we are all here to help him and that his Daddy watches over him all the time and loves him always. Dear little fellow is hoping that one day, someone will give him the answer he wants. It is all part of him dealing with the reality and not yet understanding what forever means. He had his 8th birthday last Friday and missed his Dad on the day. It is summer here, so we will play with him in the pool and do the best we can. He and his Mum will sleep here for the night which will be lovely. I am very fortunate that Glenn gave me the gift of a wonderful daughter-in-law who is also a friend to me.
I remember coming to this forum just a year ago where I received such support and understanding as we shared our last Christmas with my beautiful son with the knowledge that the cancer would soon take him from us. I got the hugs and beautiful smiles from him which I wanted and needed.
This year I made a star for the top of my tree with gold wire and crystal rainbow beads. In the centre I shaped Glenn's name in the gold wire. I just needed to do something to commemorate him as an dearly loved and important part of our lives and every Christmas always. I also made a similar one for his wife and an ornament for my younger son's tree with his name.
I wish you all a lovely holiday season, some new good memories, some laughter and fun and the comfort of remembrances of past celebrations with our beloved family members and friends. Elspeth

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We will be busy at church services Christmas Eve and Day but then we are going to a movie in the afternoon on Christmas. We will make a big dinner on Monday instead. It being our first Christmas without Alissa, I wanted to have my attention diverted on Christmas Day so a movie will be perfect! We are going to see Narnia. The mother of a good friend passed away this week, so we invited her and her husband to dinner on Monday too.

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My family hasn't had a traditional Christmas at home since my daughter Jill died four years ago. We've been celebrating at my other daughter's house, and that's been good, but of course it isn't "like old times." I had thought I might do Christmas here this year, but didn't know if I'd be able to get the last of the remodeling done in time. Then my husband died in October.

So I'm by myself tonight, Christmas Eve. Tomorrow I'll have a noon Christmas dinner with my son and his girlfriend and many others at her grandmother's house. Late in the afternoon we'll go to my daughter's house, joined by her boyfriend, his little girls, and his mother. But I close my eyes tonight, and envision the tree that once stood in this room, and the presents under it, and my husband sitting nearby, and our children. All of them.

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Most of our celebration is on Christmas Eve. We managed better than I thought we would. Before we did anything last evening we all released a balloon and said a few words to GS. They all floated away together just like we were all together thinking about him. I thought it was very nice and something special.

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I had Christmas last night at my parents, and we went to a candle lit service. I spend the morning at their house and came home and spent the rest of the day on the couch covered up with a quilt, trying to sleep the day away. It is my first without my DH (3 months) and it sure isn't the same. I hope for some peace and hope to you all.

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Hey guys, long time no talk. I've been trying to keep busy to hurry and get thru the holiday season.Its been really rough. My family is not speaking to me right now because i dont feel like celebrating.Thanksgiving was real hard. christmas was even worse I feel like i have fallen into my funk again. I've been sleeping all day again. I was doing ok.I never really understood why so many people were depressed on the holidays until now.It stinks.Then to make things worse I searched all over the place for solar christmas lights so I could decorate the cemetery. It looked great. Today I went to take them down and someone stole them. They have to be heartless. I already have the valentines day decorations , but I dont know if I want to put them im afraid someone will steal them.It just seems like my luck just wont get any better.Then I keep hearing new satories about my husband accident and none of them are the same, alot of people say they saw him get run off the road by a semi, others say he got hit by a jeep, then ther is the one where he was running from the police.I just wish one person would tell me the truth so then maybe I can start to move on and stop wondering what really happened.I think thats why I cant seem to get moving. Its been six months today and it still feels like yesterday that he was here I just miss him so much.Its nice to be back. I hope you all have the best new year you can have...... tracy

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