Loss of Smell and Taste

enjoyingspringAugust 18, 2011

In the Spring I had a virus and was very sick, as a result I have lost my sense of smell and taste. My doctor is sending me to a ENT but he said it is unlikely he can do anything for me. Apparently once these senses are gone, they are gone for good.

Has anyone else every experienced this???

Looking forward to hearing some positive replies (I hope)

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Sort of happened to a friend of mine but not from a virus. As a teenager she fell off the back of a pickup truck, was in a coma for a week and lost both smell and taste senses. It did come back in a few years, taste first, the flavor lime was the first to come back. Then more quickly all of both senses returned. I know this is a different circumstance, but it shows that even with her brain being damaged the brain did reroute or whatever the senses and bring them back. Sort of like people that have strokes with blot clots to the head as my aunt did. She couldn't walk or talk but learned how again. So who knows? I would never say your senses couldn't come back.

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Here's a link that explains what happened due to the virus and that there is a treatment. You might have to copy and paste the link, I couldn't get it to work by clicking it.


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What you're experiencing is not at all uncommon. Check out the link to a site. All these people have or had the same or like experience. It might help you to decide how to proceed

Here is a link that might be useful: EHealth Forum

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The odd time I think I can smell something but then it goes away. I can taste sweet and sour and know when something is spicy, but the flavors I can't taste.

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I have a feeling your problem is primarily with your sense of smell. A good part of your sense of taste comes from what you smell. I remember this from HS biology only because I mentioned what I had learned at the dinner table that night and got into a terrible argument with my stepfather. He said I didn't know what I was talking about. If you can taste sweet, sour, etc. then your taste buds seem to be working ok.

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