Angry with the doctor and hospital where my son died

joel31December 4, 2009

My son died on July 13, 2009 in the critical care unit of a local hospital after over 30 days of hospitalization. I'm angry at the doctor and hospital as well as the entire medical system. I believe that the critical care doctor falsely interpreted my son's anxiety attack as the onset of cardiac arrest and unneccesarily put him in a heavily sedated state with the artificial breathing device down his throat. I feel that although they knew that my son had cancer they simply accepted that he was doomed and spent the month chasing some unidentified infection. Has anyone else experienced this type of frustration with the doctors or hospital and contemplated a lawsuit, or can offer any advice?

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You are angry. However, other than your anger you've got nothing but your "beliefs" and "feelings".

If you want to go the attorney-route, that's certainly your privilege. In the end you will, doubtless, have much more information than you have now. You will also have much less money than you have now.

I would advise careful consideration of your options before launching.

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I'm sorry for your loss, Joel.

& I'm sorry for the snotty response you've had;
asolo has been spot-on in his comments in the past, but he's had a real attitude lately for some reason.

By all means, do consult an attorney who has had extensive experience with medical malpractice suits.

They often take cases on a contingency basis, ie, they get a percentage of your settlement if you get one; if you don't, they get nothing.

I wish you the best.

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joel31, I most definately understand exactly how you are feeling. My baby girl who would have turned 22 Nov 30, died on Nov 15, 2009. It is the most defistating thing I have ever felt in my entire life and mind you I have lost my husband on June 1990 while I was 5 months pregnant with his son and had a 2 yr old daughter, my older brother Sept 2006, my dad on my 40 th birthday in 2007 and now my baby girl. I too believe that the doctors and medical team failed my daughter and I seeked the advice of two attorney's who said I do have a case. I would tell you the story of why I felt this way but it is way too long but if your ever interested in knowing why, feel free to e-mail me. Anyways, I have to go and get her medical CHARTS for the attorney to look through but I am going to fight this last fight for my daughter and so it will NEVER happen to anyone else out there, they have a code of ethics and they are to follow that code of ethics, that code of ethics is for them to do every thing possible to help individuals in saving there lives. I was told though you only have 2 yrs to go after those who didn't do there job correctly. If I seem like I am angry, that's because I am. They took my baby way too soon. I despise them for that. I say talk to an attorney and see what they say, I did. And for asolo, if you don't have anything nice to help people out with than keep your snotty comments too yourself. This site is too help others deal with their grief and beable to vent over their feelings and that's all. Find another site to be spitful on, not this one...

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Im really sorry for your loss joel. I think you know yourself sweetheart that you need to speak to an attorney even to just put your mind at rest that one way or another you have a case or you dont will give you some form of comfort. I know i dont have grounds for a legal case but when my brother was in hospital they refused to do an eeg claiming he was 99% brain dead and that the eeg would show up no different.... to the day i die Il never know if my brother ever heard me tell him i loved him for the last time or any of our little hospital chats. hospitals make mistakes but its the familys left behind that have to deal with there mistakes, i would urge you to go an see if you have grounds for a may have or you may not have but you have every right sweetheart to go and find out and maybe it will help you to vent some anger or frustration, I know i had to buy a boxing bag last week as the anger just doesnt seem to be going.

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Joel, I go see my attorney in Jan. Please seek advice just to see what they may say. It will at least give you piece of mind.

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Joel, I am so sorry for your loss, and for your broken heart. I can fully understand your frustration. You need to do what gives your heart peace, and if seeing an attorney to get the answers you need is what will do it then absolutely do that. You need that peace of mind and to do less would not be fair to your son's memory.

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