Foot drop ( causes)

oddieAugust 18, 2006

hope someone can help ease our minds, my husband has had a problem with his left foot, he has what our family doctor calls foot drop,he will be seeing a neurology the end of the month, he is not nor had any sines of being a diabetic, he has lost weight, at frist he was trying to, but not anymore and still is loseing weight, he takes prozac for depperasion and a stomach pill prevacid. the doctor said he couldnt find any reason for the foot drop with a exam in his office, that was the only test the doctor did no blood work, i should add he has taken prozac for years so dont beleive that could be the cause of the weight loss,one of the nurses he works with pushed him to go to the doctor with scarey ideas , I know its better to wait and see what the other doctor says but what could cause foot drop in only one foot? thanks for reading my post oddie

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Hi there oddie;

I also have drop foot. Mine was caused by a fall and injury to the spine. My understanding is that it can be temporary or permanent, depending on how much damage is occurring to the lumbar or sacral spine. Mine is permanent, but I know of people to which it was temporary and able to be treated. It is a neuro-muscular disorder. If you key in "drop foot causes" on Google or, you will get numerous sites that will explain this disorder and possible causes. Your hubby will have to see the Neurologist who will probably order MRI, EMG, and other neuro and physical tests. No need to panic at this point. It may not have a very serious cause. Some people have drop foot for years and don't realise it until being checked for something else. Please keep us informed and prayers are with you.

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joy4me thanks for answering my post, I did do a search before posting, sometimes all the info gets to be to much and I am more confused,I am sorry that yous is permanet, how has it affected you walking? you can tell when watching my hubby walk that something is worng, hubby is a prison guard and does alot of walking , the doctor checked hubbys spine and didnt think it could be that, he has no pain in that foot or leg, or his back, will wait and see what the doctor says, thanks for answering and your prayers oddie

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Dear Oddie, I have foot drop.Before I had foot drop I started having trouble pronoung words in Aug.2006.Went to family doc,he sent me to MRI,found tumors,biggest in left side of temporal,had biopsy,was inconculsive,a week later couldnt tap right foot.Docs cant figure out what tumors are from.So am being treated for M.S...Will have been on M.S meds for six month on may 7th,doc will do more MRIs and [I pray]will have some answers.Recently have been expeincing seizures,big and little,am taking meds to control them.I pray you will find answers that are good....Yours Truly,Scott

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I had it for a was from sitting crosslegged at my desk at work. SEriously. I had to irritated the nerve in the calf of my leg. It took about a month of learning to NOT cross my leg when I sit anymore, and it went away. Now I work with a girl whom I see it happen to sometimes, we joke that she is tripping on a piece of lint on the floor. Then I remembered what happened to me. She notices when she sits with her leg crossed at the knee, she gets it.


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sorry I never got back to you guys who posted! hubby had a nerve test done and was told the problem was in his knee, he was sent to a bone Dr and a mri was done, its been awhile and I cant remenber what his condition was called but it was not serious and has went away, hubby had started wearing high top boots and also crossed his legs while on the computer, I do beleive it had alot to do with the foot drop! thank you vickie for responding, could help others who are haveing this problem.
Scott! I wish it could have been a simple thing as not crossing you legs for you, ms was one of the things I was worried about, I pray the dr can help you, so much depends on finding a good doctor, I will keep you in my prayers and please post and let us know how you are doing, I dont post here much but I do read the health forum every so offen.

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Oddie,Thank you for prayers.Im very happy Your husband found answers and is hopefully over His footdrop!Im have recently made My own posting under "Brain tumor".I am doing well coping with My medical mystery thanks to people like You who give attn. to Me and listen.

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Scott, are you on a statin drug as DIL got 9 thyroid tumors & I told her Dr's drug book mentioned that you need to be off them for 2 weeks before surgery. She had to go 120 miles to surgeon, so I told her to stop drug & maybe they could operate to remove her thyroid while she was in that town. Dr. wanted to know what she was doing as all of the tumors had shrunk. She told him only thing different is MIL said that she had to be off the drug 2 weeks before surgery & Dr. said, well, go home & never take those drugs again & get it checked for a while. She is doing fine & it has been more than year since she went to that dr. Drug book(large 1 doctor's use in their offices) also mentioned that the drug caused adenomas(tumors) in liver,lungs,eye & thyroid tumors in rats. Muscle/nerve weakness has nearly made my GF's hubby unable to walk- was on predisone for almost a year. Also in having dementia problems which is another side effect of statin drugs!

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