What to do on stair landing?

icaneaAugust 21, 2013

We are currently in the middle of building a home and are stuck with what to do regarding the flooring of the landing in the switch back stairs to the lower level.
The main level will be prefinished pecan, but they do not offer stair treads. The cost to use the flooring with bullnose on the stairs is outside of our budget (and we don't prefer the look). We are considering putting in oak treads and staining them darker than the pecan with white risers to match our white trim.
What do we do on the landing? I think it will look weird to put the pecan flooring there, but should we do oak sanded and sealed to match the stair treads or something else?

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I dont belive there is a correct way or acceptable norm to this issue.

Everytime this cones up with a customer i always tell them. If youre putting money into making the staircase look nice. Treat it as its own unique feature.

I like the idea of oak treads and staining them. As for the landing i would install oak and stain them to match the treads.

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Thanks for the feedback, gregmills!

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I'd match the landing to the treads. And it's ok to use different wood. We did walnut floors and dark stained oak treads.

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Thanks! That's the look I prefer, but didn't know if it would look off. :) Would love to see example pictures if you have any!

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It seems like using prefinished flooring with factory nosings would be less costly (and messy) than putting on solid treads, solid floor on the landing and finishing the whole thing. That is assuming your treads are less than 39" each. If not, buying one prefinished nosing for each tread would be pricey.
As long as the prefinished nosing is flush with the flooring on the tread it looks acceptable to me. In these situations we set aside enough boards during the floor install to do the treads in full length boards. My pet peeve is the risers. I don't like boards stacked on the risers. A single piece looks much better. Of course if you prefer a real tread that's up to you but you should add up the cost since you mentioned a budget. Also consider that treads are about 1" thick.
I agree with others that not having them match is acceptable as long as they're complementary. I assume you're referring to a mid-landing. It's part of the stair so it should match the treads.

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Thanks, JFCWood! Our treads are around 42" wide (the trim isn't in yet). The quote from the flooring vendor including labor and materials was $4000 for prefinished nosing and flooring on the steps and mid landing. (14 steps and a small landing)
We feel comfortable doing solid oak treads and an oak floor on the landing with the help of our builder, which will be significantly less $$.
Good advice. I'm thinking if we make it look complementary but not like we TRIED to match it to the flooring it will look like it's on purpose (hopefully).
I really like the look of the traditional staircase with dark stained treads and white risers anyway, so I'll be excited to have it!

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