Carpet safe for Dyson

hedgehoggyAugust 28, 2012

I am trying to pick a carpet for our new house. I have a dyson and would like a shag carpet but it sounds like a dyson isn't recommended. For those of you who have a Dyson which carpet do you have, recommend or not recommend?


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We have the Mohawk Smartstrand Lucky Star (plush pile) carpet. The fibers are quite long and feel like a really soft short shag. You also kind of get that kind of "all over the place" look of a shag carpet too--just shorter (but longer than the "standard" plush pile carpets you see out there). The Dyson works great. I worried that it would be hard to push because the carpet is so different, but it's a breeze. If you do a search on the forum for 'Smartstrand' and my forum ID, you should get plenty of information on the Smartstrand carpet put to the test in a real home with 2 boys, a dog & a cat.

Hope this helps!

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If you have shag it's recommended that you get a suction only vacuum because the brushes catch and unravel longer carpets more easily. According to some housekeeping websites, Dysons aren't that great for carpets in general because none of them have manual height adjusters. If your brush head gets buried in the carpet it rips it up, if it's too high it won't agitate the carpet and help get the dirt out. Some Dysons come with a beater bar which isn't recommended for some carpet types. Do you have a natural fiber carpet like wool or seagrass? If so, you really want to check with the manufacturer because they are more delicate than the cheap(er) stuff.

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Yea, manufacturers hedge out of claims of warranty currently when you get some pilling or undue fuzzing when a beater bar is used. It kinda sickens me as I dont really buy it but you have to remember, that right now it is really difficult for carpet manufacturers to make money. So they are really trying to protect themselves against everything and anything. beater bar thing is crap but they are making statements against it.Dont really know what to tell you here.

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Save the Dyson for your hard floors and get a cannister vac for the carpet.

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