Tetco Geothermal Model HECWE-50 (30Yrs)

CiscoRoyJanuary 27, 2012

I have a 30 year old geothermal HP thats needs a replacement compressor. It's a Bristol H21A413ABCA unit. Copeland makes a replacement unit that prices go from around $600 to $1000. I had the heat exchanger unit replaced in 2006 for $1200. I use 2 wells for drawing water from and returning water to the ground. My question is should I put anymore moneys into this unit (30 years old). A geothermal service tech that determined that the compressor was bad, suggested that it would be cheeper to remove the GeoHP and replace it with an air-to-air HP. Living in North West Pa. the winters are pretty cold and I don't know if an air-air unit would work that well compared to my current GeoHP.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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Sounds like a no-brainer to me - replace the compressor!

Your system should have a reciprocating compressor with R-22. I would recommend that you stick with exactly what you have now. Do not attempt to replace with R-410a and scroll compressor! Replace contactor relay, starting capacitor or relay, clean heat exchanger to ground loop since this is an open loop system. The compressor burnt for a reason. Try to find the reason and correct the problem!

Just verify that your well still yields the required gpm.


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Any tips on testing the old compressor myself? I have been trouble-shooting this system myself for 30yrs. and have replaced a few items on it, not the compressor tho. Am I looking for good voltage on the compressor at startup? Should I go a head and try replacing the startup cap and booster cap and see if the old compressor starts? I got one price for a person to replace compressor $1600 total. Seems high to me. I see I can get the compressor online for about $600.

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Perhaps you can have the capacitors tested if you don't know how to do that yourself.

Know and accept your limits.

Have a qualified person troubleshoot the system, let them know that you know what a replacement compressor should cost and negotiate a fair deal all around.


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You definitely want to keep geo-thermal over air-source. I don't understand why you wouldn't just want to replace the entire unit.

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