Is it my thyroid effecting period??????

eileenlaunonenAugust 7, 2008

Several months back I was diagnosed HYPOTHYROID...after a couple of months they have leveled me im on .50 Levthyroid. 4 weeks ago they said to stay on it and come back for bloodwork in 8-10 weeks. I am 43 and 3 months ago had a full physical and my yearly gyno/paps with no complications other than the thyroid which is my only medical issue i have ever had. I have gotten my period every 28 days like clockwork since im 15 and I get no cramps etc. I was due for my period on July 20th its still not here and...NO im not pregnant. My father died on the 19th and i was extremely shaken and upset for a good week but at this point Id imagine it would be here....Any advice?

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You have more than one thing going on here that could be upsetting your cycle. The first is that stress can throw you off more than you think it can. Secondly, of course, is the thyroid. The thyroid gland affects a lot of things that usually move smoothly.

But third, and I hate to mention it, is your age. You are reaching that time where the ovulation cycle does not run smoothly. There is just not a sure fire way to tell when a woman will start to miss. Some do it gradually, others will just stop suddenly. Maybe it's time for another GYN exam. Make sure he does blood work to determine your hormone levels.

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Your thyroid and thyroid meds can alter your monthly period (as can stress and your age as the first poster said). Once I was on thyroid meds... I skipped 2 months, then had 3 periods within the next two months. I've been trying to find the right medications/dosages for the past year (since diagnosis) and my periods are still irregular.

Here is a link that might be useful: A good thyroid forum

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Thanks ...when my Thyroid was off in March I went to the doctor because I thought it was the beginning of menopause although my period ws 28 days clockwork i just felt off they did a harmone and thyroid panel and thats when they found my thyroid off the charts...I wonder if now that my levels are good did I indeed kick into menopause In April I had a full Gyno with paps and all is I just an old bag! LOL! My mother grandmother and sister all were in full menopaause in there early 40's maybe im following suit.

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I have had thyroid problems for years and it never affected my cycle, but when I started law school the stress stopped my periods in their tracks. I thought I must be pregnant but no - just stress

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