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As you know everything is connected. Wise say that everything is one thing. So a human being should think not only about the appearance of the body but also about psychic health. More to say, all diseases begin their existence in our mind and only then some come to physiology.

Religious fasting is a kind of a diet that is very useful for a mind. It makes a human steadier, wiser, may even cause some religious visions in some cases.

In this article IÂm going to tall You about the ayahuasca ritual. It has thousands of years of its history and is common to South America Indians. Ayahuasca is a sacred beverage of the Indians. They talk to spirits and heal diseases drinking it. The word "ayahuasca" is native to Chequa language. It means the wine of the spirits.

Indians take a diet when they use ayahuasca. They eat nothing at all during the ceremony period. They do it for two purposes. The first is not to be poisoned. Ayahuasca contains so-called Beta-carbolines which are MAOI (Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitor). Monoamine Oxidases are enzymes that are to annihilate some kind of poisonous matters. It is astounding that such matters are contained in bananas, cocoa beans, cheeses, etc.

The second purpose is a ritual purging. The purging consists of two parts: the diet and the ayahuasca ceremony itself. When one who drinks ayahuaska has some disease he\she generally vomit. Those who have ever experienced it compare the process of vomiting with a divine catharsis. They say that it made them pure as a child.

The ayahuasca ceremony duration generally takes three nights. Eastern philosopher Osho said once that we people live in a hell. Probably those three nights of ayahuasca ceremony could be purgatory.

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