Malaccan cherry

GHN_August 15, 2011

We are in the process of remodel our house and will put hardwood floor throughout. We love the Brazilian cherry but the price is over our price range. Found the Malaccan cherry at a more affordable cost but couldn't find any info about this wood. Has anyone had experience with this that you could share? We also tried to look for the hardness rating of this wood but didn't find anything either.


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Malaccan Cherry is from the forests of Malaysia. I don't know whether or not the specie is legally sourced. That is all I will tell you.

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Hi all! Malaccan Cherry is also known as Tuan. It is the tree Pometia Pinnata. It is sold by Lumber Liquidators as Malaccan Cherry, but it is also the source of Figi Lychee fruit and grows all over Southeast Asia, India, Papua New Guinea, Australia, Viet Nam, and on and on. You can search and find vendors! It is sold in pots in Florida at HD. It grows like crazy and is not endangered. We bought from Lumber Liquidators and it is milled by Dura-Wood (a Lumber Liquidators brand) and we picked it up last week. Very pretty and has a janka rating of 1900. Supposed to be harder than red oak. We'll see. You can find two reviews of it on the LL site.

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I'm considering getting Taun flooring, looked at what Lumber Liquidator has and some by a company called Bella Cera. How are your floors holding up? any pics you can share? RMH123 What was your experience with LL and their product? Thanks

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