Has anyone had success using a 10's unit?

gr8daygwAugust 9, 2014

I had knee surgery in December for a torn meniscus. It was so painful before surgery I felt like life as I had known it was over. I love to jog/walk though not abusively so. Before surgery I was faithfully running about 2 miles a day with walking another 2 miles. This helps me to keep my weight down which is also a problem for me. To make a long story short, I must have gone back to doing my regular activities too soon because it is starting to feel like it is ready to get just as bad as before the surgery. It's not nearly as painful but I can tell if I pushed it, it would be. It's that back of the knee along with the inside of the knee pain and it's clicking when I walk. I gained weight again from not being able to work out like I was and I am depressed about all of this. Even a few pounds makes such a difference in how my knees and feet feel and my level of energy is much lower. I'm not huge but I need to be thinner to save my joints for the future and for my wellbeing all around.

I started using a 10's unit but wonder if this is just more commercial gadget remedy garbage or if it actually has some merit. I've been using it for a couple of weeks with not much difference. I can see that if you could increase blood flow to the area it would aid in healing but what really is the benefit? I can read about it but they make such claims that I am not inclined to believe everything I read. Additionally if it's so great why don't doctors use it? Should I continue with it or is this a waste of time? I just can't lose anymore ground where my knee is concerned and with our new insurance I am afraid they will not pay to keep having surgery or a knee replacement. Though most everyone I spoke to at the rehab after surgery said before their knee replacement they had torn meniscus surgery that eventually ended up as a knee replacement.
So, have any of you ever used a 10's unit? I am interested to know of your experiences. I'm including a photo but it's a cell phone picture and makes my leg look huge but may be helpful to see how I am using it. I don't always put the tabs in these places but just for descriptive purposes placed them so you could see them.
Tens Unit

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Tens units are a good pain killer but do nothing to regrow cartilage. I would be more interested in regrowing the cartilage by bone soup or pure gelatin.

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Tens units work by sending a small electrical charge through the area that they are applied. The electrical charge stimulates the tissue to expand and contract with each pulse. I would ask about where to place the leads since they may need to be placed on the back of the leg along with the top.

Several years ago I used one on an injured back muscle and it was wonderful. I had problems with the pain and it put me to sleep and I woke without pain. I know that is different from your knee problem but perhaps another has been thinking about trying a tens unit.

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Thank you so much. I knew I had them on in the wrong places in the picture but just to show what they were I put them all on top. But to be honest, I'm not altogether certain where they go "exactly". I put two on the back and two on the front with one of the two more to the side. I do like using it. Anything to get a sense of relief. I'm sorry to hear it doesn't do anything for healing. I haven't heard of doing bone soup or gelatin. Willing to take on : )

I am so happy to hear that it helped your pain. I have noticed that it seems to help immediately afterwards but then it comes back. But maybe if I keep using it, the relief will be more permanent.

Thanks so much again.

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Like all things it takes time to heal. Knee replacement seems to heal faster in women than men but according to people I know who have had both knee and hip replacement, knee replacement is much worse than the hip. Also most still have pain years later. Some have their wounds heal quickly others it has taken up to 18 months to return to pre-surgery form or close to it.

You may need specific exercise's to build up the muscles around your knee. I would suggest that you return to either the surgeon or the doctor that referred you for suggestions. It is generally the quads that need to be strengthen but often some are too strong and makes the others weaken.

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Have you been seen by a physical therapist? That is the person who can give you the most info on exercises & Tens units. But they sometimes don't want to give info out. I asked at a hospital physical therapy unit if they had a page of placement spots for migraines for my tens unit that my dr. had ordered for me. They come with almost no info. The hospital people acted like I had lost my mind, asking for their secrets! No way, only patients here get that info. Since I didn't have insurance at the time I left. I didn't have much luck but few yrs ago I got another unit that seems to help more but Butterbur herb from Germany that they have to give kids now for their migraines- takes 3 mos of daily capsules to start working but some kids get rid of their headaches permanently after couple of years. Adults were supposed to get about 60% better. Sounded good to me. After 3 yrs on it I'm 85-90% better! Got a good part of my life back. Whole Foods has the herb. it hasn't had any side effects & no interactions with food or meds. Don't take hardly any migraine meds. Used to have daily headaches. Barometric changes still mess me up & smoke of any kind(so far no fires in mountains this year) Back to tens unit, I think it helped 2nd time around but I didn't keep up with it as I was doing so much better. This was while I had stress of 2 ill parents. I wonder if a glucosamine 1500mg-chondroitin-1200mg. Would help- it works on dogs & sure works on my joints. It has VitD3-1000mg added in 1 I get at Sam's Club but lot of them add MSM & I get sick from that so stick with 1 that works. It kind of strengthens or lubricates joints. The shots that are supposed to lubricate didn't work on friends that paid out of pocket for them.

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