Marmoleum installation question

arch123August 1, 2012

I am considering a marmoleum floor in a new bathroom. However I have been told it is difficult to install and where we live not sure anyone would be able to do it. Is this true? I am not a fan of laminate flooring and would like to know if that is what "marmoleum click" is?

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Most commercial projects require trained and certified Marmoleum installers. However, any flooring professional who has experience with glue down installations and can "read and follow simple printed directions" ought to be able to successfully fit and install Marmoleum in a private residence.

Yes, "Marmoleum click" is a floating floor...and I am not a fan of any floating floor in the plank or tile formats.

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Thanks glennsfc
Project is a ways off but I would really prefer glue down Marmoleum and will try to find someone able to to this. It is a bath installation and should not need any joints (not that big a space) - which could be the big problem for installers?

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Where in the US do you live?

As long as your floor is no wider than 6 foot 6 inches, you can have a one piece seamless installation.

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We live near Lynchburg Va. Bath should be 8.5' x 10' overall - not sure what size of flooring (minus cabinets and shower).
Is the problem the joints and how they are done or are their other issues as well?

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It is straight forward sheet flooring installation. The seams are not difficult, although the technique is different from the trace and cut method. Seams are underscribed first with an underscriber tool to mark and then cut with a hook blade knife that follows the underscribed mark. Forbo has some installation info on their website that describes how it's done.

No other issues really. You have to provide the required substrate and use the recommended adhesive and roll the flooring with a linoleum roller.

I'm in New York State, so I can't be of any help directly.

Perhaps Forbo can recommend an installer nearby Lynchburg.

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