If I go to the Bridge before you,

minnie_txDecember 10, 2005

If I go to the Bridge before you,

This I promise is what IÂll do,

IÂll sit and wait

At the entrance gate,

Until I get sight of you.

I know youÂll be wondering where I am.

And why I donÂt come home;

Try to be happy wherever you go

And know that you arenÂt alone.

Time means nothing in Heaven you see

And thatÂs where the Rainbow Bridge ends;

IÂll sit and greet others like you when they cross

Who may never have had a Friend.

If our Father has room for the Lion and Lamb

IÂm sure He has room for them too.

So my wait will be pleasant ; IÂll not get tired

Knowing that some day soon

IÂll catch a glimpse of your four little paws

Prancing along to jump in my arms


I wrote this in 2000 and it was in the Bridge site for a while

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Thanks for sharing. It's comforting to know that even our pets will be with us again some day.
Some say that animals don't have spirits and don't go to heaven, but I don't believe that.

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I sometimes think animals feel things we know nothing about. Our dog now sleeps every night in the room where my GS died. It's his choice, he could sleep anywhere in the house. He never did this before. It's a comfort to know GS has someone with him at night.

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We had to put our sweet Abbey down tonight. She was the most wonderful dog. An absolutly beautiful spirit. I hope to be able to write her story, but not yet it's too hard. We LOVED her SOOOOOO much. Our Abbey Girl. Go play honey, I'll see you again someday...

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I am so sorry for your loss of Abbey, we lost our beloved little dog in Aug. I told Oliver to lend a paw to Abbey in prayer, he was so so loving I know he will help Abbey

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Abbey was a beautiful dog. I'm sure she was also joined by Huey and many other loyal friends.

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That is a wonderful poem, Minnie. Thx for sharing.

So sorry about your dear Abbey, danihoney.

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Thank you all so much for your kind words. She was beautiful, we miss her a lot, but don't have any doubts about our decision to have her put to "sleep". Even better, we have no doubts about how she lived and how she was loved.


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Linda Wayman

Minnie ~ that's a beautiful poem.
abiroo and Danielle, my heart is breaking for you. Losing your furbabies is like losing a part of yourself.
It was one year ago this month that we returned our beloved Teddy to our maker and 6 months for Bear. The pain is still there, but some happier memories are mingling with the sadness now.
Rest in peace dear Oliver and Abbey.

June ~ did you ever post about your grandson? If you did, I somehow missed it. Many heartfelt hugs to you for the tremendous loss of your precious grandson.


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