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olchikAugust 12, 2011

We are finishing our basement and going with carpet as the floor covering. For carpet we picked Stainmaster and now I need a pad. I have read online that it's best to go for a synthetic pad which will be mold and mildew resistant and allow the carpet to breathe. We had problems with water in the past and this spring installed an internal drain tile, so I hope that if there is any moisture, it will be minimal.

Anyway, I just wanted to see if anyone has any opinions on the pad that my contractor got from his dealer. It's a Syntex 40 carpet cushion by Leggett&Platt. It's 100% synthetic fiber, 40oz per sq yard, claims to have excellent thermal insulation and accoustical properties. Does anyone have experience with this pad?

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First, I have about 20 years of experience selling carpet cushion on the manufacturing level.

The L&P synthetic cushion will be fine except it won't feel like much. Part of the benefit of using a carpet cushion is that it provides some cushion when you walk. Synthetic fiber cushions are very dense and provide little comfort under foot. The 40oz. version that has been recommended to you is the most comfortable of all the fiber options, so you may find this acceptable.

There are a number of polyurethane cushions that will feel better when you walk on them that are treated to be mold and mildew resistant. Most major cushion manufacturers offer a bonded or prime polyurethane cushion with this feature.

I am not sure I agree with the comment that synthetic fiber will "allow the carpet to breathe." Not sure how that is possible.

Good luck,


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Thank you for the answer, Jeff
The reasoning behind using a synthetic pad vs a poly, is to not allow water to collect under the pad and to be able to get it out using a dehumidifier, if necessary. A softer pad would be nice, of course, but to me humidity is the #1 concern. While I don't expect to have water problems like we did in the past, I understand that water still comes up through the concrete due to hydrostatic pressure and if it has nowhere to go, it will just pool under the pad.

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