Dispenser for castle liquid soap?

californiaplayaAugust 15, 2009

So I debated about putting this here or in the cleaning forum - thought this may be the more appropriate of the two.

Anyway, does anyone have a suggestion for a dispenser for castle liquid soap? I just made the switch from conventional to natural hand soap. I found one that I like, but problem is it is much more liquidy (is that a word?) than conventional soaps, which are more like a gel. So, the pump on the dispenser I have now has too much pressure to pump this soap out. So I get this high stream that goes all over the place. I've gotten it on my clothes, in my face, hair, eye, etc. I kind of cup both hands over the dispenser so it can't get away, but still sometimes does.

So, does anyone have a suggestion for a different type of soap dispenser or maybe a way to make the soap a bit thicker?


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Use a foaming soap dispenser, it uses the very liquidity soaps, Or even the dawn foaming dispenser when its empty, refill it with your soap.

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