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silver2August 10, 2004

Good morning,

Just did my "last" follow up with my surgeon on my hand surgery. She had me do a hand strength test, which I rated 50 plus on my good hand and 42 on my bad. The device used for testing nested right into the scar tissue of my bad hand, so I think that impacted the results of the test. I than went on line and found the same implement she used to give me the test, and according to the ratings, I did above average on both hands. The down side, is, she can see the dupatrynes cord on my hand. She does not want to do surgery on it again, as she just did it in June. So down the road, I guess I will have to have shots for it until it gets bad again. I can duplicate between good and bad hand the full range of movement, just the left feels like it has a splint in it. The movement is not as fluid as the right and some positions cause minor pain.

So I guess my question, to anyone who knows, is, as far as hand strength goes, am I at least average?


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I see you haven't received any replies and I wish I could answer your question, but I don't have an answer for you.

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