5 Questions 5 Statements & 5 Answers

JoAnn_FlaDecember 23, 2012

This was posted at another forum and I though some may benefit from it here.

Imagine that God came to you one night in a dream and said...your husband/wife/other and I are looking down from heaven and we can see that you have something that you just HAVE to say. To comfort you, I am going to do something that I never have done before.

Here is a piece of paper to ask your husband/wife/other five questions.

Here is another piece of paper that you can use to write five things that you need to make sure that they know.
I will come back with your husbands/wife's/other five answers,
and five statements from them to you.

You can take all of the time that you need to do this....when you are through you can place the papers on your nightstand and I will come take them to your husband/wife/other ....I promise...I will be back for them...

So I encourage anyone that has something that they need to ask, or say, or need to hear to do this exercise. Please take your time. This is your timeline...not mine... When you are done, you can share these with others or you can write them in your journal, or you can place them on your nightstand, or put them away somewhere in your room and wait for a dream.

Like I said...this is meant to be a very individual exercise. There is a very good reason for it...so try it if you can. If you just cannot handle doing it at this time...perhaps sometime down the road would be a better time to do it. Please do not feel bad if this kind of thing just is NOT for you and you choose not to.

I am working on mine for my husband.

Here's the form if it helps.

5 Questions for: ___________________________________

5 Statements for: ___________________________________

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I am going to do this grief exercise. I've been journalling on and off most of my life. I even kept a diary as a teenager.

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I did it, but I haven't had many answers yet.
I write a little everyday, just to compare how things are since he's gone, but I don't see any changes.Its also a record of what I did each day (not much either)

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