StefCo_NJAugust 17, 2003

Does anyone have any useful ideas on helping someone who is a hypochondriac? I've suffered for some time, but became much worse after the death of my father. Does anyone else suffer, or know someone who does? Thanks.

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Anti-anxiety medications might help. It's one of the mental conditions that responds fairly well to short term medication AND some reality therapy.

Also, grief counseling might help for the stress of losing your father.

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I know this is a late post, but just wanted to say that my mother has had this for years and has just about driven us all crazy. She fell into the habit of taking pain killers and tranquilizers------decided that being "zonked out" was better than facing her problems. Yes, I'm very bitter about it. I'm also upset that the Drs. keep giving her these pills. An elderly woman doesn't need 3 valium a day. And, actually, she takes more than that----she lives with my brother and gives him money and he lets her take whatever she wants. Part of the problem.

For the last 30 years, she has spent every waking moment trying to convince us that she's dying----she has a bad back, had open heart surgery about 6 years ago, brought an oxygen tank home with her and never gave it up------she went to her sickbed. She's almost 80.

Honestly, at least you KNOW that you have this tendency---------keep busy----don't think about sickness or death----ANYBODY CAN MAKE THEMSELVES SICK IF THEY SIT AND THINK ABOUT ALL OF THEIR ACHES AND PAINS. Be happy, laugh, pray.

Now, having said that, if you have a medical problem, by all means------get it checked out. Take care and let us know how you're doing.

PS I will go to my grave not understanding why my mom spent so many years in bed zonked out on pills------why did she put her 4 children thru this??????

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Just wanted to say that I sure hope that I didn't sound too bitter and non-feeling in that last post. I apologize if I did. You are way ahead of this problem since you're aware of it.

That's one thing that my Mom will never do------admit that she has a problem.

Very sorry to hear of your loss. Please take comfort in knowing that I'm praying for you and hoping that you're doing well. There's always sadness in death and, IMHO, no matter how much that you believe in an after life, and God, there's a loss to cope with.

Take it one day, one hour, at a time, and be good to yourself. And you'll know if you need further help. Best wishes. sue

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A couple of weeks ago, I heard something interesting on the Infinite Mind (a radio program on Public Radio International) about hypochondria. I only caught the end of the discussion but the gist was that hypochondriacs are actually more sensitive to physical stimuli than other people. If I recall correctly, other people are better able to unconsciuosly block everyday sensations and hypochondriacs are aware of every small sensation.

In other words, it's not all in your mind. But, you aren't dying either.

May I suggest that you contact a center or specialist that does research in this area?

Take Care,

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