Week 22 Health Check In

kellyengJune 7, 2012

Kind of silly to do this at the end of the week but my OCD won't let it be!

This was my week to get back in full swing but work had other plans for me. I had a huge lull in work - to the point where I was starting to worry - then things picked up this week and I'm drowning in it! Here it is 11pm on Thursday evening - my work week should be over - and here I sit - still working. Beggers can't be choosers I guess!

So, I've only been to the gym twice this week and eating could be much better. I fear the scale this weekend but I've got to get my reality check and goals set for next week.

What wonderful summer healthy activities do you have planned?

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Ha - I was wondering if our health check in was going to die this week. I'm working lots too and traveling so suboptimal diet and exercise but nothing too horrible. Staying steady with my weight though.

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"What wonderful summer healthy activities do you have planned?"

I always eat better this time of year because of all the fresh produce!! We're more active too, lots of outdoor activities. We've been doing alot of annual type clean-up stuff and redoing some landscaping in our back yard so burning those calories!

Right now we are experiencing some wonderful weather. Even though our temps are going back up, we're still having great evening temps, so nice for evening and/or morning walks. My hubby wore a jacket one night last week while night fishing.


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Ugh, I seem to gain 5 lbs. every summer. I'm determined not to do that this summer. We spend a lot of time at our beach house, and when I walk through the door there, all motivation goes out the window and all I want to do is sit on the beach or on the porch. I am determined to get out early and exercise every day this summer! I have been on a good schedule of exercise 3-4 times a week for the last few months and have lost 6-7 pounds. Was hoping to lose 3 more by July 1 but considering we leave on vacation in a week (to Chicago and San Francisco), that is probably not gonna happen. I think if I could lose a few more pounds by the end of August, I'd be happy. Or maybe I'd be happy to just not GAIN any!

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I have nothing exciting to report, I'm holding steady at the weight I want (but I'm considering going lower), I'm eating healthy, and continuing to exercise regularly.

For summer activities, I want to take a kayaking lesson through the nearby LL Bean store. I am more heat tolerant than cold tolerant so I am more active in summer, taking extra walks and bike rides.

sueb, you can and must continue to eat well and exercise. Those 6 to 7 pounds are gone and should not be invited back or allowed to sneak back. You've come this far, you're doing well, you can continue to improve. Walking around Chicago & SF should help keep you active. You can lose more weight by August, even while lounging around that lovely beach place of yours. Decide now to give up an ice cream (easy for me to say since I don't eat ice cream!)or take an extra beach stroll everyday.

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Back from a 38 mile ride with DH. It was wonderful -- not too hot, mostly sun, very little traffic, lots of beautiful CT/NY countryside, some pretty homes. I had plenty of energy for a hilly ride & felt I could go farther. Which is all good, because RAGBRAI is about 5 weeks away.

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Went for a nice walk this morning before the heat and humidity moved in - so nice.

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hh, you're right, of course. The ice cream shouldn't be an issue because I've been mostly dairy free for a few months now and I'm so happy with the improvement in my skin, I intend to stay dairy free.

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Oh my, sueb, you gave up dairy and are going gluten free? It must be hard to find enough interesting things to eat, but definitely worthwhile if you're feeling better. My sister sent me a list of gf snack ideas that she found on this site. Maybe the site would be useful to you.
Gluten Intolerance group

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It is hard, which is why I'm not doing a very good job of it! Sigh.

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Still just holding steady. My eating is OK, could be better. Working a lot, which burns a lot of calories. I'm focusing on fruits and vegetables this week. Luckily, my weight has stayed the same.

Beth P.

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Sueb, my daughter has decided to go gluten free. She is also a vegetarian. Although she is out on her own, she does come home often.
I have found gluten free products in Trader Joes and in my local Stop and Shop supermarket.They have bread crumbs and other baking type items. She does eat dairy though.
As for me, I am still trying to drop the same five pounds. For me, it doesn't matter if I exercise, it is my food intake. I can't get modivated to watch those calories. I am a life time member of Weight Watchers which meansI check in once a month and am allowed a 2 pound leeway. The probelm is years ago I set this goal with the idea that it was five pounds over where I really wanted to be. Now I am up to this amount!

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I fell off the wagon with the onset of warmer weather.
Kept up at the gym, but I think all the bbq's I've been to has caught up with me. I had to go to a work function Friday that required business casual attire. I normally wear scrubs to work. Finding an outfit that fit was a nightmare. My muffin top runneth over!! Ugh- back on track with eating over the weekend. Just came back home from a 4 mile power walk pushing my jog stroller.

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