Pacemaker Surgery - Should I Go Help?

passport4vickiAugust 1, 2007


I'm new to this forum, usually hang at the quilting and embroidery area. My mom (in Boston) will have a pacemaker put in next week. We knew it was needed to be done for months, but just got the surgery date yesterday.

My question is: should I travel to Boston to help her? I have one sister that lives nearby. She is a single parent and has her hands full. She does live with her boyfreind, he can help her. The short notice makes it more costly for me to fly there. I'd have to bring my youngest with me. My high-schooler will be ok with my husband here in California. I have plans to travel to So Ca to visit my sister when her son is to be home on leave from Iraq. My sister could use my help for a b-day party for my nephew as she can not drive due to an eye vision condition called RP.

Has anyone been through the pacemaker procedure? My mom sais she does not need me to come help when I offered yesterday. But today she told my sister she wished she had the surgery when she was there visiting last month. My husband said if my mom wanted me there she would have told me so. You can probably tell I am very confused. Should I let my mom decide? I am not sure she would ask for help. How bad is the recovery?

Any insight would be appreciated.

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It depends on many things....your mom's age and general health mostly.
From all that I know, it's really no big deal. She will feel better after not worse. The incision is not cutting any abdominal muscles nor is there any bone involved and she says "don't come" don't. She will be home either same day or the next and can call your sister if she really needs something. Save your visit for another time. Look at it this the time you get to the airport and make the trip and get to your mother's from Logan.....she will be all recovered.
I vote listen to your mom!!
Linda C

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My husband had one put in 2 weeks ago. He went back to work the next day. He's 74 and still works full time. No pain, no problems. He was told not to shower for 48 hrs and not to lift anything over 10lbs over his head for 10 days. That's it.

I wouldn't worry about it.

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