Anyone have tailbone pain???

starzAugust 20, 2009

I have been told it could be due to not absorbing magnesium/calcium and that is why the bone pain. Anyone else have tailbone pain? If so, what has cushion to sit on, etc.

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I had that problem when I lost weight, I had no padding (fat) there. Are you very thin or maybe you hurt it somehow? I used to sit on a cushion all the time. Or try one of those 1" foam pads like the kneeling pad for gardening.

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Have it checked out by a doctor. Tail bone pain can be from a bruised or cracked or broken tail bone or it could be a cyst. It could be a growth or bone spur. If it's a cyst or growth it will need to be removed and you may indeed have to use a cushon or pad but at least you will know what's wrong

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