Swollen Feet?

Nonnie_GAAugust 7, 2007

I have a problem with swollen feet. Actually, it's my left foot that swells really big and my calf. My right foot swells somewhat and my right calf does, too. I am a COPD patient, with asthma and emphysema with high blood pressure. My daughter calls my left foot "elephant" foot because it swells and leaves a big roll where my foot bends.

I don't eat an exorbant amount of salt, just normal, and haven't had much added salt in the last couple of days.

I sit at a computer about a week or two a month and it swells really bad then.

What are the main reasons for swelling.

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Water retention is the usual reason for swelling. Sometime it's poor circulation, but usually it's fluid.

Normal amounts of salt are too much. Don't add any. Not even a tiny bit. It will take a while, but you will get used to food without it. Get used to looking at labels. It will surprise you have much some prepared things have. Skip the ketchup, soy sauce, bacon and other preserved meats. Trust me, it will make a difference.

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Actually, I know it is water retention and, I think, circulation is a problem, too. I am editor of a small newsletter and sit at the computer a lot. It seems to me that when I do, my left foot and leg swell a lot. I take dirurectics but that doesn't help too much. I know that adding salt could be a problem so try to back off of adding it most of the time. I know, I shouldn't do it at all! I also have bad lungs, COPD, and water sometimes gets in my lungs and around my heart. Boy, that doesn't feel good at all.

Thank you for your information.

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Could also be a symptom of Hypothyroidism. The doctors might say it isn't, but visit any thyroid message board and you will hear otherwise. I have a problem with swelling feet (even wake up with them) and I have Hashimotos Hypothyroidism.

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Another cause to consider is vascular disease. If there is a blockage in of the veins in that leg, it can cause swelling. Also, a DVT (deep vein thrombosis) is a possibility. Especially if you're having pain in your calf. Heart problems can definately manifest with symptoms of edema in the lower extremities, but it would usually be bilateral swelling, not just in one side.

I definately think you should visit your doctor. He/she may want to order a venous doppler (ultrasound) of the leg to make sure there are no blood flow problems or clots.

Keep us posted!

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Swollen fee can be caused by several factors. Normally the underlying cause that blood circulation in your lower leg is impaired. Normally, this can be cause by vein or venous problems.

There are three types of blood vessels in the body: the arteries, veins and capillaries (small ones). The veins are the the blood vessels that carry blood from different parts of the body to the heart, while arteries are the ones that carry blood from the heart to the different organs of the body.

Venous problem happens when there is a malfunction in the vein of the lower leg. Meaning, the blood in the lower leg stays because of either an injury in the vein, that causes the blood and fluid to stay and leak out the surrounding areas of the leg causing swelling or the there is a valve malfunction in the veins. The valves in the blood vessels are the ones making sure that the blood flows in one direction -- that is to the heart.If there is a malfunction, the blood won't be flowing to the correct direction. These conditions mentioned are actually some of the causes of leg swelling, in effect when left untreated develops to serious venous disorders such as Deep vein thrombosis, chronic vein disease, varicose veins and many more.

I highly suggest you see a doctor, leg swelling can lead to more serious conditions if ignored.
For minor leg swelling caused by long sitting in front of the computer or prolong standing, I strongly suggest you wear a compression stockings.

Compression stockings help prevent leg swelling by regulating blood flow and ensuring that legs get the right amount of compression to keep leg healthy and venous disease free.

I have been wearing compression stockings for almost three years now. Ever since I noticed minor leg swelling beacuse of my work -- sitting all day at work in front of the computer. Standing up are moving my feet every now end then doesn't do the trick anymore.
Compression therapy is the next best thing I ever did for myself, knowing what I know now about preventing leg problems. I buy mu compression support from www.LegsTherapy.com. They carry a wide range of brands and they have an online assistance ready to help you find the right compression stockings. Compression stockings are really great products to keep my legs healthy.

I hope this information helped!

Here is a link that might be useful: Legs Therapy

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Could also be your kidneys arent working well thats the first thing they check at dialysis to see if your retaining fluid,you need too go to your dr.You may just need a fluid pill to take withh your bp pills,extra fluid also makes your bp go up.

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Drink only when you are thirsty and when you sit you need a recliner if you can afford one. In other words elevate you feet and legs and see a doctor.

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My mom is going through this right now. Legs,especially the left 1 was swelling (leg she broke years ago & hip has disappeared from being hit in car accident.) Was doing exercises & walking around block2-3 times a day couple of years ago. Now 89. Had tests for clots & deep vein problems & nothing week ago. Been on diuretics for month & potassium by mouth but not helping much. some days legs hard, others softer, now getting harder. Dr. said wed. she needs pacemaker. Her pulse is over 100- was 120 tonight. We may end up in ER as her cardiologist is on vacation & he gives go ahead,he doesn't do the surgery tho). 26th is long time to wait. She used compression for long time,but no more, causes lot of pain. Her heart is beating too fast trying to get blood back up to heart but when too fast the beats are not as strong as should be & blood pools & can't get up there. DD & I have emergency plan worked out where she will come over to take care of my dad(in wheelchair) while I go over to hospital with mom. Nonnie should be looking at sides of pkgs & boxes to see how much sodium is in everything she buys. Some frozen dinners have enough salt in the 1 meal for your whole day. The salt shaker should not be out & no salt used in cooking. Even then if heart is going, may need pacemaker, change in BP meds. thyroid check, diabetes check etc. Should have good BP machine at home & if BP is much more than 120/80 & pulse over 50-80 you should be talking to dr. I've known several people that thought taking their BP pill each day "would take care of it" they are dead!! Neighbor had ITA & still won't get a BP machine, guess little stroke is no big deal. Omron makes a good 1 & little less than $100. Then take BP in morning & evening so you can tell whether BP med. is doing enough- it's called "the silent killer" for a reason, you often 'don't feel bad" until it's time to go to ER you are so bad off. So be more careful with what goes in your mouth. Ice cream might be 100 milligrams of sodium for 1/2 cup but 1/2 cup is rarely amount we put in a bowl, it's more like at least a cup so that is 200 mg sodium. So even bread can be very dangerous as lot of it is loaded with sodium. 160 a slice=320 for 2 ,2 tbs. mayo 180mg. 1 oz cheese another 170- 240 mg sodium so you have about 700 mg sodium plus a few chips & you are nearly 1000 mg for lunch. Tuna or other lunch meats would be even more. I cook chicken & even roast beef(used sparingly in soup) with just onion powder, couple tbs butter & some water & it tastes fine after you get used to not tasting salt on everything. You can eat watermelon,melons, tomatoes without grabbing the salt shaker & adding it until it's white. YOU DO HAVE TO MAKE SOME CHANGES IF YOU ARE SALT SENSITIVE! Pills alone won't do it. Good Luck!

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You need to go on the internet and check the side effects of her meds. My husband walked into the care home under his on power, but in 2 months he was in a wheel chair. His legs were like logs and hard as rocks. I called a care meeting they wrote up 4 pages of complaints. I insisted they take him off all meds but his tranquilizer. As a result his legs returned to normal and as a result of that, they re-evaluated a couple of other patients that had the same side effects.

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Have you tried diabetic socks for your swelling? That used to happen to my aunt, and so we got her some Sugar Free Sox I posted the link below. They come in different sizes and colors. She puts them on first thing in the morning, just as she�s getting out of bed, and they�ve really helped her with the swelling. If this doesn't work, then I second the opinion that you should see a doctor.

Here is a link that might be useful: SugarFreeSox Diabetic Socks

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