self leveling as asbestos encapsulation

LMTerran123August 23, 2012

We want to replace wall to wall carpeting with hardwood. Our house is older (built '58) so we are just assuming that the two layers of tile underneath have asbestos. We were going to encapsulate it with a self leveling compound. But, as we are pulling up the carpet nail boards, the second layer of tile is loosening but not coming off. That tile looks like plastic parquet flooring so it is probably from the 70s but there is no way to know. We are going to get a chunk of tile tested to be sure but I'm trying to look at options. Hiring a professional company to remove it will bust the budget.

Can we put the self leveling compound over the not completely bonded tiles or will that cause us problems down the road? Can we just stop pulling up the nail boards and put leveling compound over everything?

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