Spur on Heel

berkAugust 3, 2005

My husband has a spur on his heel and it has been killing him for months now. He has been to the doctor and she acted like it would go away. Well it has been about 5 months now. Just how long does it take to go away?

If you have had or do have one, just what have you done for the pain? Have you ever heard of a bee balm shot?

I just don't know what to do to help him , thanks.

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If this is a bone spur, it probably won't go away. Has he seen a podiatrist or orthopedist? They usually have to be removed. sometimes special shoes help. It just depends on where it is.

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I have the beginnings of a bone spur and wear orthotics. Many people with serious bone spurs need a special orthotic with a very cushioned heel section, or even a slightly cut out section to allow for reduced pressure on that spur. With my bone spur, I can get a swelling, like a grape in size and texture, right on the flat part of the heel which is very painful to walk on. The man who makes my orthotics (a pedorthist) gave me a stretching routine to help prevent this from happening and to help make it go away. This stretching also helps immensely with plantar fascitis, which is the inflammation of the plantar fascia - a tough band of tissue which connects the heel bone down to the toe area. It covers pretty much the entire underside of the foot. The stretch goes like this: sit on the floor or any firm surface, legs stretched out straight in front. Using a good length towel, like a bath towel, loop it under the foot pretty much at the ball of the foot. Hold both ends of the towel and pull back toward your body, stretching the entire underside of the foot. You'll feel the stretch in the calves too and may not be able to lay the knee flat on the floor, but after doing this maybe twice a day for a few weeks, you should be able to lay the knee down flatter.
Feet problems can be tied to tightness in the backs of the legs, so stretching the calves and the hamstrings, too, is important and really helpful.
Hope this helps!

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My bone spur was surgically removed. Now my heel is numb and it feels like I am walking on a wadded up sock. I wish I hadn't done it.

BTW I stretched and stretched and stretched to no avail.

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I am back. We went to the doctor and she put him on Mobic, it is a new drug that I am on for my arthritis.
He has an appointment in a couple weeks with a specalist and for the time being the Mobic has been helping his heel and his back!
I have no idea what the specalist will do.

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I have Heel spurs on both feet. The pain in the morning or after sitting a while is awful. The pain will subside after about 1 to 1 1/2 years. The pain is from the tendons or ligaments stretching to meet the bone. Once the stretching is done pain is better. Tommysmommy is right on with the exercises. They should help.

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I had them and they went away, but I can't remember how long it took. Wearing shoes with thick soles helped. I know someone who had them removed and they came back. I didn't take anything for the pain with mine. First starting out walking was the worst. Couldn't walk barefoot. They haven't bothered me now in almost 8 years.

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They don't usually go away. Once the tendons and ligaments are stretched to meet the bone the pain is gone. The bone is not the pain it's the stretching that hurts like the dickens.

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I had a heel spur (actually called plantar fasciitis) a few years ago. I had a couple of cortisone shots (BIG OUCH), which helped temporarily. Finally I was sent for physical therapy, and a combination of that and ultrasound helped tremendously. However, before I had started that, I did some research on causes of heel spurs. It actually is caused by an insufficiency of calcium in your diet. I bought a calcium/magnesium supplement (it is important to get that combination) at a health food store and started taking mass quantities of it. I can't remember how many pills a day, but it was more than the 3 recommended. I began to feel better after a few days, then started the P.T. I also embarked on a weight loss program, as I was quite overweight.

Surgery is usually the last resort, if nothing else works.

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