Lasting Bronchitis with small streaks of blood...

aimhoofAugust 23, 2009

I am a 23 year old female with asthma and allergies. I get bronchitis pretty often, so I try to keep an extra prescription for antibiotics, steroids, and a cough syrup on hold at the pharmacy. On July 27, I decided I had bronchitis and took what medicine I had (still come cough syrup from last time and picked up the antibiotics and steroids after consulting doctor).

On August 6, I went to the doctor because I had ran out of medicine but had not improved at all. At this point, I would notice a small streak of blood in the coughed up phlegm about once a day. I was given prescriptions for prednisone, Cephalexen, and cheratussin. I finished these with no improvemment. I am noticing streaks of blood a little more often (2-3 times daily).

On August 21, I went back to the doctor and had a chest xray pneumonia to be found. I was given prescriptions for prednisone, Ciprofloxacin, and more cheratussin. Today every time I would work phlegm up (coughing or clearing throat) it had small streaks of bright red blood in it. I was told on the 21st that if this round of medicine doesn't help, we'll be doing a pulmonary function test.

I have never had so much trouble getting rid of bronchitis and have never had blood in my phlegm. Has anyone else had this? I think this is something other than bronchitis because of how tired I am and out of breath, but I could be wrong. What does this sound like to you guys?

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I suffered from chronic bronchitis since I was 5 years old. I also had sinus problems and allergic rhinitis. And few other small allergies. Several months ago I was introduced to MMS. I just posted some info about it yesterday here.
Anyway, I do not have almost any problems now, sinuses clear, coughing gone,no wheezing, no runny red nose. I am left w/sneezing thou. Even my gastritis is gone. MMS- miracle mineral solution is able to get rid of viruses,bacteria, it kills malaria. It is very cheap and easy to take, althou it tastes bad.Do some research and try it. Antibiotics and prednizone IS NOT healthy!!!!!
I even learned about hydrogen peroxide therapy but never tried it. Supposedly the extra oxigen molecule helps clear lungs and all sorts of other problems. I am very happy w/ MMS.
Caughing up blood is not good, make sure there isn't something else, but really learn about MMS and try it. It is known to kill cancer cells too.

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Don't listen to czechchick2--it's SPAM--note his former post in this forum.

My husband has Bronchitis and Allergies. I don't even know but I think both you and him may have a bit of Asthma, but bronchitis acts much like Asthma anyway, so maybe not.

He like you coughed and coughed and often coughed up blood. Years ago a doctor said he had Bronchitis. My son has Asthma and is on an inhaler and we both thought that was what my husband should have, but getting him to go to a doctor is like pulling teeth.
6 years ago he had a very bad episode that wouldn't go away. He went to the doctor and he prescribed--Symbicort turbuhaler. It is a powder that is inhaled. The inhaler is very easy to use.

You would not believe the difference. Gone are the daily coughing episodes. Gone is the raspy breathing you could hear all over the house. Gone is the tightness in his chest and he doesn't even snore any more.

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Thanks for the help. I've got asthma and use my inhaler, but it doesn't help with this. I've tried so many different medicines over the past couple of years for my bouts with bronchitis (of course, it's just acute bronchitis but I think I've nearly had it enough to count as chronic...maybe that's just the hypochndriac in me talking. lol). Symbicort is one medicine that I've tried multiple times with no success.

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Well, anybody has a opinion and unless you try MMS and see what it does, don't call it a spam.
Go ahead and take piles of pills and chemicals and go ahead and get vaccinated too. And suffer.

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I didn't want this to turn into a "medicine is bad, try this" kind of deal. I just wanted a couple of answers as to what this may be.

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