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socksDecember 23, 2004

Here's a book which some here might find helpful for themselves or as a gift to others. I believe there is comfort to be found in words which express the feelings we are experiencing.

Grieving God's Way by Diantha Ain

Also, here is some haiku poetry which Ain has written:

Weeping willow trees

represent nature's mourning

with grace and beauty.

Let each day unfold

like the petals of a rose,

high above the thorns.

We search for rainbows

but we must weather a storm

before we see one.

Grief is a red light

that healing turns to amber,

and wellness to green.

My journal catches

the shattered bits of my life

neatly in straight lines.

You are all in my heart and thoughts--best wishes...Susan

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Thank you so much, Susan.
You all are also in my thoughts and prayers for a very peaceful, blessed, Christmas.

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Socks, I agree. Thank you for sharing that with us.

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