scared for my son

felisha70507August 5, 2012

Im sorry if I am not doing this right. But I will write it anyway. My son is 8 yrs old. He came from a rape but I decided to keep him so I don't know anything about his donor. He is on medication for adhd, pdd, and ocd. He has been on these meds for a long time so I thought he should be use to them by now. He is very skinny and tall for his age. But lately, he looks like he has dropped 7 to 10 pounds and I am not sure what from. He is active, but always is. But now he looks so skinny, I cry because he looks like he is dead walking. I know thats a bad way to put it, but I don't know how to describe it. His bones stick out so bad. He is not sleeping at all. I guess I am not sure what to do. I reported this to our family doctor but since he has been on the meds for over 2 years, they don't feel they need to change it. Any advice? I'm scared he is going to fade away and this town is so small, there's no other doctor offices with in 57 miles. He wears size 4-5 because he is so skinny and they are getting to big. If nothing else, plz just pray for him. I don't know where else to turn. Sorry if I did this wrong, but I was told I could post and it's my first time. Thankyou so much for reading. Stay blessed.


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How is his MD monitoring his meds? Has he had a complete blood count lately? Can you request one? Can you demand one? Where is the nearest city to where you live? Can you contact the school nurse and see what she thinks if you are getting nowhere with your pediatrician? Can you bring him to your own MD? Can you find a web site with pediatricians who offer advice and e-mail them? Can you get him some Pediasure so you know he's getting nutrients? It's pretty yummy and full of vitamins for kids. Does he eat for you?

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Could be 1 of the meds is reacting against him or he has a serious illness. Any normal Dr.would be looking for answers. Who is giving him the medications, a shrink or regular MD. Any medical personal should be very worried about him & doing blood tests to see if he has blood disease, malnutrition, colon problem where his food is not being absorbed,fact that he is not sleeping is not good. Is he in pain? Do you "remind him of where he came?(Very bad idea, it is not his fault in any way- bless you for having the courage to keep him) but he should not ever be reminded of what happened to you because it just hurts him & makes him feel it was his fault. Is a therapist bringing this stuff up? Fire them! He should be getting love & fun things in his life not reminders of 8 yrs ago. Have you had therapy to get through it? Are you still very sad about it & he is sad for you? If he were my boy I would show up at the family Dr. & say, Look at my boy! Do you really think this is normal? He's wearing size 4 which is what a 4 yr old child usually wears, he's 8 what is going on! I want answers! Feel free to print my letter off & wake up these medical people!! No way is this normal unless he had a huge growth spurt but that would not explain the "inability to sleep" He needs complete blood workup. Also does he get fruits & veggies as many kids are living on "Cup of noodles(loaded with salt) & junk from the potato chip, corn chip, cheesy curls etc. Pure junk. Is he pale? Does he have energy to ride a bike, does he play with other kids, is he glued to a video game(some kids think they are going to be killed because of them-I know 1) so him mind maybe upset from stuff he is watching. Get him checked out soon!

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I totally believe our intestinal health has a lot to do with our outward health. Between lacking certain nutrients along with medication can wreak havoc on a body causing all sorts of malabsorption issues. I would eliminate all processed foods and do a whole foods diet only. I would also try eliminating major allergens for awhile. You could probably find a holistic nutritionist who could help get you started by either e-mail or phone. I would be lost without mine. There are also plenty of books on the subject and a wealth of information on the internet on leaky gut and food sensitivities. I just read a great book called What's Eating Your Child and found it very simple and informative. It touches on food sensitivities, missing minerals and vitamins from the diet, etc.

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