Chronic itching on a small spot on the arm

jennAugust 12, 2004

My husband has a spot on his forearm that feels like a pin is sticking it and this causes it to feel almost chronically itchy. There's also a spot on the other arm, in almost the same spot, that feels the same way but to a lesser degree I think. This started about a month ago; before that, he had a similar spot on his leg several inches above the knee.

It's driving him crazy! Any idea what this could be?


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There is a chance, if he has been out in the woods or in heavy brush, that it could be enbedded tick parts. The tick bites and in scratched off before you known it's on and it leaves the head buried under the skin. It takes forever for the spot to clear up. Yes, it will drive you beserk!! Been there and done that!

If that's what it is, I got good relief from a cortizone anti-itch salve. Put on a blob and cover it with a bandaid.

However, I think I would get a dermatologist to check it out, just in case.

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Thanks PB. I suggested a cortisone cream might bring relief but we've forgotten about it the last few days while working around the house. You know the commercial with the woman who scratches her arm to the sound of a jackhammer? Hubby relates to her. :-)

I'll mention the possibility of tick bites and see what he thinks. He hasn't been out in the woods but he does work out in the yard.


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Bug bite or ringworm?

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I had something like this. Turned out to be eczema. I was prescribed elidel and it works like a charm.

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