I heard my Daughter calling.....

gloriamDecember 20, 2004

I heard my Daughter Brenda who passed away on Oct.10 calling

me this morning. She was trying to wake me up so I would

take our new puppy out. I heard her saying Mom, then a little

louder, Mom, then a 3rd time Mom. I got awake and layed there

for a few minutes because the puppy was awake but not stiring

yet. It was my daughters voice and I was not having a dream.

It was about 3:30am that this happened. I feel so close to

her, like I know she is truly with me. What a wonderfull

feeling that is. I do love and miss her so much.

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Nell Jean

What a wonderful communication!
Getting past the Holidays is hard and those little presents are much comfort.
Treasure them as you treasure other memories.

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What a precious gift! I'm so glad that you got that this morning. I was just telling a friend that I am so ready to get another sign from Chris and one from my Mom. People who haven't lost anyone close don't realize how wonderful just a seemingly little thing can be to us. Just any connection at all is such a blessing.

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I am happy that it worked out that way for you. People keep telling me Aaron is all around me but I can't feel his presence...only his absence. I do know I love him forever and he loves his family.

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That's a wonderful thing, Gloria--both the feeling of the moment and the larger implications. Thanks for sharing.


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