Wood Floor Crisis

magdiegoAugust 23, 2012

We're finishing up a major addition/remodel, and have finally gotten to the flooring. After MONTHS of searching, my DH and I finally found a floor that we could agree on. We're on a slab foundation, so it's a manufactured hardwood. We picked a white oak in natural finish. When we looked at the sample, we liked the clean look, but were worried that a whole floor wouldn't be as consistent as the sample.

So at the recommendation of the dealer, we purchased a single box (~20 sf). We got the box home, still liked it, so our contractor placed the order.

After the boxes were delivered, they sat for a week or two, then we opened them up. The new boxes are WAY darker than the original box - like it looks like a completely different floor. The new boxes also have much more variation than the first box - some boards are almost black.

We actually like the darker color, but are worried that the floor will darken over time. If they get any darker, they'd probably be unacceptable. I've been searching on the internet, but have found conflicting information - does anyone know if white oak darkens over time?

I appreciate any help, this is completely stressing me out. We are trying to get the rep here today to look at what we've opened (3 boxes) and let us know what our options are. But if there's significant darkening in white oak, keeping any is probably out.

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Every wood floor darkens over time.

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Engineered factory finished wood flooring may darken a little over time. but I doubt you would notice it at all.

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Thanks for the replies, it does help. The rep is coming by Monday, but until then we're on hold. Again.

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"Every wood floor darkens over time."

Except the woods, stains, and finishes that lighten.

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