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Pam_SewsAlotJuly 24, 2004

I quit taking Premarin in Jan of this year. I was on it for about 12 years. Since I have been off of it, I have been having problems with my complexion. Is this something that I will just have to live with, or is there something that I should, or should not be doing? I guess I just need to know if this is normal or maybe I need to see a doctor.

Thanks for any input you may have.


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I stopped taking premarin about two years ago after being on it about 15 years, and I noticed dark blotches on my cheeks and upper lip. What a bummer. I just use a conceal stick and it seems to cover not too bad.

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My doctor reduced the mg in my Premarin from .66 to .45 and I felt like my emotions went out of control -- teary all the time -- so he advised alternating the higher and lower doses, and that works. I had a total hysterectomy about 20 years ago, so I don't know WHAT would happen w/o ANY hrt. I'm 54. chery-va

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