A very special doll story

PaperDollDecember 9, 2004

Several weeks ago My daughter Jana gave me a Christmas wish list for her two year old son little Gary.

One thing she wanted for him was a Cabbage Patch Kid...specifically a

boy with brown hair and eyes. The weekend before Thanksgiving I was

shopping with daughterinlaw Shelly. I found such a little boy but

didn't like his outfit and didn't get him.

A few days ago my husband Gary and I ventured into Kohl's for a short time. I

checked for the right doll and could only find one with brown hair

and gray-blue eyes. I decided to get him because I don't have the

physical or emotional energy to shop for very long.

I didn't even look at the little boy's name. When I placed him on the

counter for checkout I noticed something I could hardly believe. His

name was Aron...one letter off from the name of my dear Aaron who

died. Not only that..his birthday was March 6, and my Aaron was born

on March 7th!

I have not told Jana because I want her to discover for herself. I

have a feeling that she won't mind that his eyes are blue....like our

Aaron's eyes.

This incident was a gift from God and from Aaron...to make me smile

at a time when tears come easily.


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Nell Jean

What a very special story! It struck me particularly because you have 'little Gary' with brown hair and brown eyes.
Little boys with brown hair and eyes are plentiful in my family, too.

Here is a link that might be useful: My Gary's Pages

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This is the only one we have in our family with brown hair and eyes except his daddy. The rest of us have blue eyes and grandpa Gary has hazel.

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That's amazing, paperdoll!

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I think that's definitely a sign! Don't you just love it?
How special! Thanks for telling us.
The story reminds me of not too long ago when I needed a pair of shoes in a hurry. I may post the story soon.

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I love that story.. hmm...seems that doll was "waiting" for you.


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That doll sure does make me smile in the middle of tears. I hope it made you smile, too. Carol

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