Kidney Failure

patty2430July 20, 2011

FIL recently diagnosed with kidney failure--kidneys operating at 10 percent. After MONTHS of going to his doctor, complaining of joint pain, ankle swelling, falling asleep at all times, and being cold--he lives in s. MN, and the temps have been HOT there lately, he dresses in a t-shirt, long sleeve shirt, and puts on a jacket when he goes outside!! Finally, his dr sends him to nephrologist, and he gets the bad news. Surgery today to install the ports for hemodialysis. Is this normal to diagnose so late in the game? Are we over-reacting to be upset at late diagnosis? Any suggestions/help would be appreciated!

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We absolutely have to become more active in managing our health care. Most of us were raised to believe the doctors were all knowing. Back in the day, maybe they were, but,definetly not today. I would advise anyone who doesn't have an effective diagnosis and treatment plan after three visits to a doctor to get another opinion and continue doing that until something positive happens. If you don't complain, who will?

I don't know what the average time for reaching a diagnosis would be in your FIL's case but wouldn't kidney problems be evident in a blood test? I would definetly be asking some questions of his doctor and making sure he is referred to the proper specialists for all his future care.

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Ive been on dialysis 5 years,Ive been dr,ing since I was 18,they do watchyour creatin level if they know his problem is kidney,I was peeing alot my kidneys werent holding,so he said ok port to start dialysis,they have to move fast its evident if ankles are swollen they arent working correctly,Now he'll have port in for dialysis a short time because that is a direct line to your heart, arteries you could get an infection,so next step is a fistula,they put a natural in my arm,they look where veins are good ,could be a graft too ,they cut from my armpit all the way to my elbow,lifted the vein so they can stick the needles in the vein,they will remove the port when the fistula is ready to be used.Your dad probably didnt tell all.No dont be upset just help him along.I went for dr visit I was ready to leave and I said Im peeing allll the time now he stopped me and said its time for dialysis so next day I was in surgery.If you want to talk email me Ill help anyway I can..on gardenwebs email

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