Knee pain

mboston_gwJuly 28, 2009

I did a search and found some posts on knee pain but I am not sure mine is the same. My knees have always been tender when I kneel down on them on hard surfaces. I have to use a cushioned pad when gardening. Now its the outside part of my knee that burns when I kneel down. It also feels puffy to the left of my left kneecap. My left one is worse but both hurt. I do aerobics that make the knee bend but we do not use steps. I also have Plantar Facisitis (SP?). Does anyone think its related or did I tear something?

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It's possible that one situation is aggravating the other.

What I would do is go to the orthopedist to find out what is wrong with your knee. Good for you for doing aerobics, but you sure don't want to make the knee any worse.

As for the plantars, it's a curse, isn't it? I had it when I was on crutches for months--it was on the good foot, the one that was doing all the work. It took months to go away. What helped? Two visits to a therapeutic masseuse, stretching out the foot often, and always wearing soft shoes, never going barefoot, not even to the bathroom at night, and I kept a cushiony towel in the bottom of the shower.

Good luck.

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My aerobics instructor thinks it my IT band, that comes from the buttocks around the knee. Its called the Iliotibial Band and the part right by the outer knee is called the Iliotibial Tract. If I touch that knobbybone below the knee cap, I can feel the pull at the side of the knee. A really strange feeling. This getting old sucks!

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The instructor may be correct but it is best to be properly diagnosed and then be treated for what is going on.

Your best bet is to see an orthopedic surgeon that specializes in knees to diagnose your knee problem and it would also be best to have your PF properly treated as well.

Both problems, left untreated with proper medical guidance and diagnosis will feed off of each other and continue to create havoc in your body. It can throw off your spine and create serious spinal problems as well.

I had PF once, and under proper medical treatment and custom orthotics, I have not had a problem in 10 years now.


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Another vote for custom orthotics for the PF. I had a serious case for many years and since the first three sets of orthotics(all from different podiatrists) didn't help I was planning to have surgery. I tried one more doctor and the 4th time was a charm.

Good luck with your knee.

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