red ant bite ... ow!!

vieja_gwJuly 31, 2006

I got a red ant bite on my foot about 9 this morning. I couldn't see the bite site to try and remove the stinger so began trying everything I had read to ease the pain: meat tenderizer, chlorox,ammonia,vinegar, baking soda, etc. and nothing worked ... just made the pain worse! Now it is 9 PM this evening and I have my foot in a tub of ice water- the only temporary relief I can get. I can't believe that tiny critter could cause such agony for so long!

Does anyone have a sure-fire remedy that relieves the pain? Another time when I got bitten I did see the bite site and dug out the stinger and got IMMEDIATE relief but I could find no place where this recent bite happened.

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Are you sure it was an ant? Spiders can give horrid bites and you don't even see them do it.

Do you have some Benedryl in the house. It sounds as if you might be having an allergic reaction to what ever it was. A cortizone cream or Calydryl lotion might work too.

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Yes, it was a red ant .. I saw it after I felt the sting; I kept working outddoors so by the time the pain got intense & I came indoors. I called ER & the people said the only relief was to dig the stinger out (my nephew said he didn't think ants had stingers .. they only bit?); I tried but I had no idea of the exactlocation of the bite by now. No, I don't believe it was an allergic reaction .. no redness-just pain! After a long painful night I finally woke and was pain-free! Gosh, there must be something that is tried and true that will work - like a local anesthetic until the poison/pain is gone..I'm sure all these home remedies work at one time or another for some people but what a list of ingredients to try in an emergency! I did try an antihistamine I had on hand & Tylenol-3 ... neither helped.

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Sounds like one of our Texas fire ants. Their bite affects me badly...horrible stinging (much worse than a red wasp) pimple like pustules form, and the site swells & itches for days! The bites can be still be seen a week later.

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