Terrazzo tiles?

alstAugust 18, 2010

Hi everyone,

Has anyone here installed Terrazzo tiles? I know there are a handful of companies who make them, and I am interested in putting them in my home.

I found an old thread where it was talked about, but there was never a follow-up, and I'd love to hear anyone's experience! (Here's the old thread: http://ths.gardenweb.com/forums/load/flooring/msg081233355048.html)



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Why is the date August 18, 2010?

What was said in the old thread. Terrazzo tile is durable, almost permanent, can be installed in attractive designs.

Anyone who can get good results with any other hard surface resilient flooring tile, can get good results with terrazzo tile.

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I'll be using large Terrazo tiles in the laundry room of our new build. I'm guessing that they'll be down in about 2 weeks or less and I'll report back.

I'm excited about the element of "zing" that they'll add to the laundry room.

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where can i buy terrazo tile at a good price?

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