Varicose veins/Laser surgery

brantJuly 12, 2004

I have broken veins around my ankles and they itch or ache by the end of a shopping day. Has anyone had laser surgery done to remove veins and what was the results. I hope me insurance will pay for the surgery. What do I look for in finding a Dr that does a laser surgery. I also have a few spider veins on my legs that I want to get rid off also. Thanks Debbie

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I hope that by now you have received information from your doctor about this and all is going well.

If you had Laser surgery to remove them, I would like to hear about it. Was it painful? Do you like the results?

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I haven't seen a Dr yet but it's on my list. I am planning to have it done by summer. It looks like I will have to go to a plastic surgen that does lazer treatment. I wanted to get other advise that has had it done or has checked in to it also but didn't recive much response.

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