Anyone had decreased taste buds?

ginjjJuly 7, 2005

Strangest thing, for the past week I've noticed things don't have much flavor. It's to the point now that I'd say I've lost 50% of my taste buds. Ever heard of this? Of course I've looked on the web and it looks a bit scarey. I haven't had a cold in ages and I feel fine!



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Yes, my taste went away completely, to the point where I would *know* I was eating, say, steak and chocolate, but I could taste neither. It was caused by blood pressure medicine that I'd started taking not long before. Have you recently started taking any new medications?

After you mentioned this, I went and looked up the subject, and was surprised to find no mention of medication, especially blood pressure medication, many kinds of which are well-known to affect taste buds.

Do talk to your doctor about this.

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Thanks for the response. It's comforting to know it could be something simple like yours. The only meds I take are Fosamax, lots of vitamins, and a new product on the market (online only) called "Juvenon," a "cellular health supplement." I've been taking that for two months. I read about it in the paper and then on the UC Berkeley website. Supposed to be good getting rid of free radicals or such. I did just email them asking about my taste problem. No response yet. I stopped taking that yesterday. I think I'll stop all my vitamins and see if that helps. I will be seeing my doc on Monday I hope.

Thanks again,

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