heat pump vs pellet stove

carl883January 24, 2010

My question am I going to be happy compared to the heat out put. vs heat pump and pellet stove temp I am trying to eliminate the pellet stove. Is it wise to use the pellet stove as a back up on very cold nights.I live in northern

Baltimore county.I looked at propane and they wanted $1500

to buy a 250 tank and install the gas line. I dont want to spend $6500 0n a heat pump and be cold. I just had insulation sprayed in the attic. I have all new windows put in. the heat pump I am getting is a carrier infinty.

my question is can this heat pump do the job.

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if you are sized correctly with correct design temps both inside and outside, have a good ductwork system, reasonable building/insulation qualities, and a good installing dealer, a new high eff heat pump system will serve you well. Today's heat pumps are as different as night and day. You should average around low 90s for supply temp. Of course this drops when outside temp dips below freezing. However, you will not get the high supply temp that one sees from a gas furnace, wood stove, or pellet stove.


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A heat pump feels different than gas or wood heat especially if you are close enough to feel the air from a register. The air is cooler on start-up longer than a furnace and the temp level does not get near as warm as especially an old furnace. I am not sure about a high efficiency modulating furnace, I have not been around one. I have a 15 seer new heat pump and when it is @30 degrees out it consumes about 15-17 amps total for the heat pump and the furnace blower with no auxiliary heat needed. That is heating 1600+ square feet with close to what some 120v heaters consume when operating. I had a builders grade 13seer that between the heat pump and blower motor would consume 25 amps at 30 degrees and switch off below 20 and go to auxiliary only.

I used to have propane at my old home and the price fluctuations were horrible. I loved the feel of propane heat at 50-75 cents a gallon but at 3.00 a gallon my wallet almost caught fire. It is now sitting around 2.00 a gallon now

The most efficient unit and most comfortable starts with a caulking gun, some spray foam and possibly a truckload of insulation.

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Sorry I got sidetracked on propane. I would go all electric with no hesitation and possibly have a pellet stove IF you have winter storms that knock out power for extended periods. With a pellet stove you can supplement the heat pump if the strips are running quite a bit or all of the time and have available heat if there is no power with a small generator.

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I was told the Infinity heat pump systems WITH Infinity controls had the capability to use a comfort mode whereby the fan speed would decrease in heat mode to give you that "warm air" feeling. You lose some efficiency using this mode, but this may be the right compromise for you.

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I use a masonry fireplace w/insert to suppliment my heat pump. I live in the same area as you, Carl.

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