Chronic shoulder and clavicle pain

catherinetJuly 9, 2009

I have fibromyalgia and am used to having weird pains for awhile, and thankfully, alot of them go away. But then I get new ones!

About 2 months ago, I started getting alot of pain and stiffness in both shoulders and clavicles. I don't have problems with range of motion or anything in my arms or shoulders. They just hurt/burn all the time. Its especially bad at night when I lay down. Its just a stiffness/pain. Is it because I sleep on my sides all the time?

I hesitate to go to the doc, because he'll probably order a bunch of expensive MRIs and I have a very high deductible.

These pains don't prevent me from doing anything. They just hurt.

Any ideas?


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Sleeping on your sides could contribute to the problem. Do you watch TV in bed? Sleeping on my back and elevating the TV are two of the solutions I tried when I had shoulder pain. Mine started with a sharp pain about the size of the end of my little finger tip that caused the muscles in my shoulder to spasm. I tried everything from acupuncture to deep tissue masssage. The only thing that helped ease the pain was the massage but nothing made it go away entirely. It finally went away with time.

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Hi Pris,

I've slept on a couch for years. With my fibromyalgia, a bed was just too uncomfortable. But yes, I watch TV "in couch". haha Hmmmm....maybe that position is bad. I'll have to be more aware of how I lay when I watch it.
I also breath with a CPAP mask at night. Maybe I just sleep in a weird position, trying not to lay on the tubing.??
Thanks for your input.

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I had a chiropractor tell me I had stenosis of the spine in my neck which was causing the sharp pain between my spine and shoulder blade. (which caused the muscle spasm) I was watching TV and in order to see the screen, I had to lie on my side as the TV was sitting on the dresser. I had my son mount it on the wall like they do in hospitals and it relieved a lot of pressure in the neck and enabled me to fall asleep on my back. I probably moved to one side or the other during the night but did not spend the entire night in that position. If your couch faces the TV I'm sure you are spending most if not all the night on your side. Do you switch ends during the night? (to also switch sides)

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Yes, I occasionally change to the left side during the night..

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I would think that sleeping on your side on the couch has a lot to do with it primarily because you don't have full support for the arm you are lying on. It's either extended out into the room with no support or you are lying on it. This is causing more pressure on your shoulders and neck. Try some stretching exercises for your arms and upper body. Like the ones you might do before beginning a more strenuous exercise program. If you go to a good massage therapist they will show you some exercises to relieve the pain.

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Thanks pris.
For now, I'll look up some exercises on the internet and try those. With my fibromyalgia, I do seem to have various body areas that get stiff and inflexible for no good reason and stretching has helped them, so I'll try it for my shoulders now. For some reason, I didn't think of stretching for my shoulders!
Thanks for your suggestions.

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