we lost jamie 3 years ago today

dcrowexDecember 10, 2004

Just wanted to put up a special post for my sis....she lost her beautiful daughter, my niece 3 yrs ago today. This has not been an easy week for her. Terri, hope you come to the forum today. Just want you to know I love you and am thinking about you. We all miss Jamie very much. She is watching us somewhere and smiling...you know her smile and her laugh.


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Terri and Deb. My special thoughts are with you today. Thanks for reminding us, Deb.

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Nell Jean

I hope that you can find some comfort today in positive memories of Jamie. You're in our hearts and thoughts today.


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saying a prayer for you and your family!! (((((Terri and family)))) DianePA

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thanks for the kinds wishes. now i feel like a total idiot. i have been so preoccupied and had jamie on my mind as well as terri, i was certain it was today - the 17th is next friday. i have been looking at "this friday" all week long and mentally preparing for this day...but i am a week off. i even tried to call terri today, but no answer. guess its a good thing.
sheesh...what am i thinking. too focused on this date to realize it was the wrong friday.


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Nell Jean

Bless your heart. Anticipation is the worst part, sometimes.


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HUGS. That's OK being early gives us an extra week to send positive thoughts and prayers to you and Terri. I'm sure Jamie is watching you both with love.
Sue :)

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