chemical smell when heat is on ???

shaunJanuary 7, 2010

We have central air/heat. It's in the 30's here in Florida so we tried to use our heat for the first time since last year and it's giving off this chemical iodine smell. This isn't the burning hair smell, it's a chemical odor and it won't go away.

We had the heat on all night long and I woke up the next morning and smelled it. No headaches, no one is drowsy, just an awful smell.

Not sure if it's bad for us so I wont turn it on again. ( I did try it again this morning and that smell was there again so I turned it off)

What could this be? Any ideas? Unit is 6 yrs old and serviced yearly.

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this is gas heat? sometimes when starting a furnace for the first time, you can have a dusty type smell for the first day. however smells are not normal and source of smell should be identified.

when was last time furnace/system was serviced? do you have a carbon monoxide detector? if not, you should.

there is always the possibility of dirty sock syndrome from your evap coil.

if smell continues and you are unable to locate source, I would call your servicing dealer. I will assumme other family members have noticed smell.

Good Luck!

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Hi there - it's electric. It's serviced once a year without fail. Just serviced this past summer so it's not time to do it again.

We do not have a carbon monoxide detector.

I called our service guy and he's coming out tomorrow. He said it might be a heating element.

Thanks for your help.

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