My little brother

WonderousDecember 27, 2011

To begin i am 16 years old. My life has always been a constant struggle with my family. The only one who understood it was my brother. Me and my brother were nothing short of best friends. We did everything together. We had the same friends and everything. I remember one night after my parents had just had a large fight, they made us make a choice. It was either go with my mom, or stay with my dad. I chose to go with my mom, but my brother did not. That was the last time i saw my brother. I talked to him almost every day though. But eventually we grew distant from eachother. I would try to call him and he wouldnt answer he would try to call me and i didnt answer. I miss my brother. I tried to arrange it to where i could visit him, but my parents didnt want us to see the other, My mom didnt want me to go to my dads and he didnt want my brother coming to my moms. I was crushed. Eventually we didnt talk anymore. It has been 2 years since i talked to my brother. I miss my brother. 3 days ago i received a letter from my dad. It was issued to me so i hid it from my mom. I opened it at night when she went to sleep to see that it was written by my brother. He had missed seeing me as well, the only difference was that he couldn't cope with it. He left our world to be with god. His hand laid him to rest in the arms of god. I miss my brother. In the note was a necklace i had given him when we were younger. I had one as well so that no matter what i would know that he would be with me and i would be with him. I didnt get to see my brother for 2 years, and now i never will again. Life seems to be working against me for some reason. I just wanted to see my brother. I miss my brother.

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It makes me sad that you and your brother were so close and in the end had to live apart, not to see each other for 2 years. I am much older than you and have lost a lot of people in my life, my only grandmother, aunts, uncles, my sister and my son.
I feel lost without my son, and I know you must feel lost without your brother. Please understand that you will never know exactly what he was thinking when his life ended. The hows and whys will be a mystery forever unless he left you a letter detailing why it had to happen.
Please do not think that you have to take the same route. You can honor your brother by becoming the best young man you possibly can. Do things in his name that would make him proud of you. Live your life for both of you and keep his name and memory alive.
You are very young and have a long time to live so you have plenty of time to figure your life out and to plot where you are going from here. Just always move forward and never stay stagnant or go backwards.
Stay strong and remember the good times you and your brother had when you were together. Promise yourself to finish school, become a successful man, get married, have a family and pass along your brother's memory to your children.
Put your anguish of missing your brother into positive actions and you will find that you will be a much happier person. I am trying to follow these same things I am telling you as I learn to live without my son.
Good luck...take care of yourself.

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