silver2July 30, 2004


Anyone familiar with this affliction. It is a growth on the adrenal gland. DD has just been diagnosed with it. It is rare, but the growth can be removed.

Any experience with it that could be passed on would be appreciate.


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I've been on the diagnosing end of it as a lab tech - the surgery is usually 100% successful in curing the high blood pressure it causes, and recurrences are unlikely.

Just get it over with FAST, because the high blood pressure can cause damage.

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Thanks for the response. It is going to be a couple of more weeks of waiting for an appt. with a specialist and surgeon. It is my DD, she was hospitalized,in June, with what they thought was congestive heart failure and is being medicated for right now. She exhibits 95% of the listed side effects of the tumor. The history of this goes back for years. Makes me wonder how long she has had it and how many unnecessary drugs she has had to be on. But the up side is, if removed, in time, perhaps she will be off all these meds and have a chance at living normally. She is young enough to have better than average ratio of gaining back from all these set backs.
Thanks again for responding. It is so rare that I guess it is often overlooked.

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It's rare, BUT it's such an easy thing to test for I don't understand why anyone with high BP that isn't responding to meds doesn't get tested. It's just a restricted diet for a few days, then a 24-hour urine collection ... the actual lab test is not difficult to do.

And yes, when the tumor is gone, she should recover and be off most or all the meds.

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Here we are at the begining of Oct. and they just completed the testing to the specialists specs. They were actually done a few weeks ago, but the specialist had a family emergency that seemed to take him away for almost 3 weeks.
Now DD is home, complete bedrest and on nitro. Her MD wanted to hospitalize her, from what she said, but she refused. Not good.....

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