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randyinpaDecember 9, 2008

December 1st, and I'm in the ER cause my brother in law found mom propping herself against some pocket doors. An hour later, the doctor advises my sister and me to gather the rest of the family, including 88 year old dad. She died an hour later. She was 83. It was a totally unexpected event. She was occluded. Never went to the doctor. This hit the family of five children like a train. And dad did not fare to well. I spent the week with him in the huge house. I had to call 911 the morning of the funeral.He missed his wife's funeral. He is still in the hospital. He agrees that personal care is next in his life. I would like to get him into the vet center in

Scranton. Any advice?

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I am sorry for your recent loss. When my dad passed away five years ago, I found myself in a similar situation. My only sibling passed away eleven years earlier and I never had the chance to grieve, but instead I had to take care of my mom.

Can you or your siblings care for your dad for a little while? I am only suggesting this because the situation is still so fresh and raw. It may help to have a little time pass before you guys make such a big decision. You really want to find the right kind of care and that may take some time. After four years (and I am not suggesting you take your father that long by any means) of caring for my mom, I needed help. A social worker suggested for me to try a "BOARD AND CARE FACILITY". I live in California, so I'm not sure about Pennsylvania, but these facilities are located in a single family dwelling, in regular neighborhoods. If you go to the Care Giver forum on Gardenweb, I posted a thread a couple of months ago that gave an address for a publication that lists different levels of care for senior facilities. Again, sorry for you loss.

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