What happen to medicine

d0ugJuly 22, 2012

In 1930 a Dr Otto Warburg got a Nobel Prize for showing that cancer can not live in an alkaline or oxygen rich environment.

In 1934 Dr Royal Raymond Rife invented a machine that could kill cancer and many other incurable ailments. He proved this with 16 thermally ill patience brought to him by the AMA in which he cured all.

In 1990 Albert Einstein College of Medicine a Dr Kaali found that putting a small electrical current through the blood. ). He was able to kill all pathogens in the blood this included Aids. Patented (Example: US Patent #5,188,738 in 1993

It has been over twenty years and no one seems to be able to cure cancer and aids now.

Either there is a big big cover up or lying Medical Association who just wants money and doesn�t want to help people.

What ever happen to the doctor we knew that would go out of their way to cure you or tell you the whole truth.

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I don't believe there is a cure or a hidden cure. The doctors and scientists have family and friends who die of the same ailments, they wouldn't keep it a secret for money. If they had a cure they would probably get very rich with the cure.

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Every time a person is cure a customer lost. The doctors are not allowed to use anything other that what the drug companies say or they will lose their license to practice medicine. The pharmaceutical companies are a multibillion dollar business and they want to make even more money. Look at the people on this earth that live the longest are in locations that don't have medical or doctors. I know you don't want to believe me so check it out yourself. You might have to look other places that the bought and paid for news media.

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Doug I do believe you about the ones living longest. I think the drugs doctors give us are killing or handicapping people more than they help. I don't take any pills except for pain killers if/when I need them. I don't even take tests unless it is pain related. I read an article about more people are dying from prescribed drugs than ever before.

I believe doctors have guide lines as to what they can prescribe. I don't believe they have to follow the drug companies orders. That is the FDA's department. I have read and experienced to much to believe that. We had the FBI come to our town to investigate several doctors who were alleged to have taken kick backs from drug companies. If they were taking kick backs it was because the drug company paid them to prescribe their drugs. If what you said were true, they wouldn't need to pay kick backs.

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If you want to find some truth about Drug Companies and FDA type in educateyourself.org and learn who owns the big drug companies and who funded the the medical universities so they only taught drugs. Also who is on the boards of the FDA are drug companies employees and x employees. They clam no conflict of interest HA HA When the leave the FDA they go right back to the drug companies

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What you say about that maybe true. I have not research it. Like I said I don't take preventative meds or anything except for pain. I have papers signed that will prevent a care home from prolonging my life. I believe to take a high powered med like statins are dangerous. One of my neighbors was in a wheel chair, to weak to walk. He kept on at his doctor to tell him what was wrong. His doc dismissed him and when he found a new doctor she said it was the statins and took him off of them. He can now walk but doesn't know if he will ever gain the strength in his legs back. I was telling my step daughter about the pain I had when I was on statins and how it went away when I quit them. She looked very upset, when I asked what was wrong she said, "those are the same pains I had and I had surgery to fix my back, the pain came back." She was on Zocor and that is what I took for awhile because the doctor pressured me. The pain was horrible and of course my doctor said it didn't cause pain like that. Well it went away when I quit taking them.

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The medical system is not interested in curing anyone they want you on medicine from birth to death. There has not been a cure for anything since 1975 but they can keep you alive till you run out of money. Look for alternatives, natural to replace your satins. I'm 70 years old not on any prescription medicine all medical check say I,m in perfect health, Blood pressure 110/70 and I feel great.

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I found a new doctor who would let me make decisions about my health without criticizing me. I took my blood pressure machine in to let him view the results because I was having dizzy spells. Mine was higher than yours and he said it was to low. That is why I was having dizzy spells, I got completely off and no more dizzy spells.

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It is good to take control of your own health and it is good to have a doctor who will help. Check into using ginkgo biloba which helps with circulation of blood in the brain it might help with the dizzy spells. Taking responsibility for your own health is the smartest thing you can do and using a doctor as a helper.

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No it was the blood pressure meds taking my BP to low. The dizzy spells stopped without any meds at all and my PB is fine unless I have a confrontation with someone and dig in the garden or do a lot of lifting. I can control those situations. LOL

If ginko biloba stops a health problem it is a drug and can be dangerous.

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If you link all things that cure or stop health problem then you have to include all foods. Things like vitamin C stops scurvy. Many medical problems are caused by a lack of a particular vitamin or chemical and some herbs also help but have no side effect in reasonable quantities.

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I am aware of that. That is why a balanced diet is so important. Most vitamins in moderation won't hurt you. My Sis is an example. She had a detached retina and should have been see to right away but they had to wait because she was full of all kinds of vitamins and herbs. A lot of them are blood thinners. It made her high risk.

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